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We encourage you to write to your U.S. representatives with the following or by whatever means you can:

I recently encountered an interview with Professor John Searl, inventor of a free magnetic energy generator.  It is his wish to put this technology into control of the people to ensure that it survives to mass production and can not be suppressed or subverted by the corporate world or government agendas. This scalable generator can replace the need for power plants and run vehicles in perpetuity for free.  This energy solution, not only clean but healthful as an ionizer, can eradicate the oil crisis and eliminate any justification for Cap and Trade legislation.  The potential is revolutionary. What sets Prof Searl apart is his philanthropic desire to ensure the technology is used to improve the life of his fellow man, which also causes his dilemma, a lack of exposure and funding.  I believe that his goal is to see the masses make small investments in this effort, so it would truly be the people who make it happen.  Gaining mass media exposure would ensure that the effort would remain alive until his goals could realize fruition. I have only scratched the surface of the implications of the Searl Effect Generator. 

Please visit the following sites to learn for yourself what the fundamental implications are in helping expose this amazing man and his ideas to your audience - 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to pursue something that could change everything.

A fellow patriot,



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