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                                       Q & A Email

Dear  Brenda,


Prof. John Searl  has effectively resigned from STI this early in 2014.

We too are concerned about any confusion these changes may be causing and STI’s lack of candor.

Fact of the matter is Prof. Searl is an executive and director of SMI and SAC only.

He is currently living and working with SMI and SAC only in San Diego.

Let us know what is causing the confusion from your prospective, so we can correct it for others as well.


Best regards,


Fernando D. Morris

CEO/SEG Dev. Eng.


Searl Magnetics, Inc.

Company website:

Information website:



Sent: Saturday, November 08, 2014 5:10 PM
Subject: I'm Confused


To Whom This May Concern:


Both STI and SMI are claiming that Professor Searl is affiliated with them, but not each other. I need to know who to get in touch with concerning the SEG. I would also like to suggest to Professor Searl that is a wonderful place to raise funds for R&D and to get the products ready for market in a timely manner. By going through, people would not be confused as to which company Professor Searl is actually connected to and they would be more informed as to what Professor Searl is hoping to accomplish. 



Hello Bernd,

My name is Jason Verbelli and I work with Searl Magnetics, Inc.

We don't have any units for sale at this time. Searl Magnetics, Inc is a research and development company. We aren't in manufacturing or production yet.
This is why we've been doing presentations, radio, have all the websites, links, forums, etc.
So people can see the information and get investors to Fund the project so that we Can eventually sell them and get the technology in people's homes.

What you see on the internet is the Mock Up. Not the Prototype.
Below are a bunch of links and information I put together for people to read and look at to familiarize themselves with the history of the project, the man John Searl, our current status, clearing up misconceptions, and offering insight as to how and why the SEG will revolutionize the world.

The only thing slowing the SEG at this point is lack of funding.
Can use all the help possible to make others aware that we exist and to show the information in context.


When the SEG is finally manufactured, it's projected to cost about $1 a watt.
So for a 15KW device, that will be about $15,000.
But that's premature to talk about since we're still at the R&D stage to REbuild the SEG.



Jason Verbelli & Fernando Morris on the SEG (6 Parts):

Pdf of the presentation:

John Searl Photo Album (Facebook):

SEG Mock Up Demo showing Waveforms:

SEG Mock Up vs SEG Prototype pdf:

1st Visit to Searl Magnetics:

2nd Visit

Theory of Operation:

SEG Background


Russian Validation

Morningstar Energy Box Validation:

Dr. Paul Brown Validation:

Resonant Nuclear Battery (Dr. Paul Brown)

Searl Playlist:

Searl Sites

Law of Squares Basics (Facebook):

Ultra Efficient LED Pumps More Out Than In:
Geometrically Coded Magnets

Correlated Magnetics Research:

Lenz Law Experiments 1, 2 and 3:



Jason Verbelli
Searl Magnetics, Inc.
Company website:
Information website:


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From: B.H.
Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 1:42 AM
Subject: Power Generator



my name is Bernd and I am from Austria. I want to get independent from oil and I want to produce my own electricity for my home.

Is it possible to buy your generator? How much will it cost? If it is not available yet, when will it be available?

Thank you for your reply,

Dear J.P.


We must try to get the cost down in 1946 if the Electric board had gone ahead and produced this unit then instead of punching the atomic for power stations they might had cost 108.00 each; today the best price appears to be 16,000 BP each. But we are still searching for solutions to cut that cost by the end of the year we may have to go for that price as production lines in various counties will have their production lines ready to run as the legal papers are being files and approved to go ahead. China Reps will be here maybe now by the end of this month to meet me as their top man and to stamp the seal of agreement. I guess my workload will increase from the plan June 10th radio broadcast across 25 radio stations for 2 hours. It will appear on YouTube with photos so I understand.


I am sorry we cannot help you at this moment in time. But keep watching; things are in progress after all this time of being stopped, the world is waking up, the world is now hearing and seeing what has been done and what is being done today. Just cost has made it almost impossible to do. Our June 2nd shareholders meeting went well they still supporting the work being done as a extremely exciting event to watch.


In the meantime have a great day. Just hold on there long enough to get one.


Prof. Searl

Searl Technology Inc.

Searl Magnetic Inc.

Searl Aerospace Inc.

Searl Technology Ltd Australia.

Searl Energy Group China

More under legal preparations.


We are expanding as fast as possible to get ready for mass production.

 From: admin SS
Sent: 07 June 2013 03:42
Subject: FW: generator.


 Sent: Thursday, June 06, 2013 3:03 PM
To: admin SS
Subject: Re: generator.


Hi John, 

I am sorry if one is not possible. 

But nothing is impossible, we need to change the way people think or i feel sorry for the children of the future.




Sent: Thursday, May 30, 2013 2:02 PM

Subject: FW: generator.


Hi J.P.


The making one of is not the problem if you have the hard cash, factory space and equipment everything is possible when the right tools are available. One cannot be obtained on any credit card.


Have a great day.


Prof. Searl,

From: admin SS
Sent: 30 May 2013 00:01
Subject: FW: generator.



Sent: Wednesday, May 29, 2013 3:41 PM
Subject: generator.


Hi John,


We have met before at the assembly room at Glastonbury, I ask you if you could make a portable one you said yes.   I am interested.


Your sincerely,


Dear R.S.


Keep reading the books as they appear on and see what is involved and the progress being made and how and where things are taking place. There are still 2 more major events in the USA this year in which you could attend and watch the demonstrations.


New pages are always appearing on that site, on most days.


Enjoy what you see that is to be your future.


Have a great day.


Prof. Searl.


From: admin SS
Sent: 10 April 2013 00:14
Subject: FW: Admiring, investor



Sent: Tuesday, April 09, 2013 2:56 PM
Subject: Admiring, investor


Good evening professor Searl, for quite some time I have admired your findings. My name is R.S. and i am a nineteen year old resident in th washington D.C. area.
What led me to discover your videos and website on the "Searl Solution" is kind of a funny story. I once had a dream when i was about sixteen that I too had discovered a sort of a perpetual motion machine. 
I want to invest in your company and offer ideas to help better production of the S.E.G. for the good of world. 

Dear Sir.


That stuff which you have been drinking is bloody good stuff – I do not need to take such stuff to join that make believe world – I live in the world of real people. I know Tom Bearden and have photos of him shaking hands with me and 1000 of others. This year we shall hit the world market in way that has never been seen before. This year already done over 58 hours on the air many more hours to do. At this time we are doing our first TV program in the States I guess many more will follow. We have done 1 of 3 major meetings in the State where our China partner join with us. They will be joining us on show again; on the other two remaining shows. Late today will be in conference in which I may ok the go ahead for a second magnetising section in the USA. The one in Thailand is near complete.


Son keep reading the updates you soon will get a shock at the speed which we are setting up production lines these officials agree it is the best system they have seen and going to produce it. I yet got to decide if I should take on the whole of Canada or keep to the present plans which are legally underway. We have had top space companies to the site to watch the demonstrations; odd ones have join in the work. We now have some good scientists working with us.


Shortly we shall be going to China to meet the Government to see the large lab they have there for me. This will cover China, Asia, and the middle east.


All these wonderful things which you speak of, I wish them luck – I may be meeting Tom again about doing a broadcast with me because I feel he is a real good man and if so Ivy can set up a 2 hour broadcast this month with him I will support it.


Good advice – STOP – THINK – BEFORE YOU SPEAK it will save you looking like a nut case.


Have a great day Son.


Prof. Searl.


From: admin SS []
Sent: 07 April 2013 05:33


Subject: FW: Zero point and the thermal curve.

SEnt: Saturday, April 06, 2013 8:16 PM
Subject: Zero point and the thermal curve.


Hello Mr.Searl.  I apologize for running over some basics, I know you've been at this a long while.

 I wrote a book on projectively geometrical particle physics in 2002 and copyrighted but never published. It predicted the work of Egor Babaev's superconductivity model and explains far more.


Some of my other studies include zero point, such as that described by Tom Bearden who described the secret behind the Philadelphia Experiment.  I've studied too many to list actually. There was a russian scientist who expalined how thermal tension can be used to confuse energy and prevent it's momentum becoming a product of waste, so that the system feeds it's own momentum of DeBroglie wave orbitals, whether or not he said that specifically.. it's my take.


I noticed how your machine is producing a thermal curve which excludes mass particles from energetic particles , so it's not really dealing with magnetic charge rather ion charge from what I gathered in the short time I spent looking at it.


I found another machine that did this as well, ; the Coral Castle flywheel circuit which I just spent over 2 years reverse engineering. 

There are many parts outside the flywheel itself there which take part in splitting mass from energy. The weak positive and the longer more energetic negative have their centers removed; ie;  ONLY the most energetic and most massive (energy inductors) are allowed to connect for a short time through iron just before top dead center of each 3rd sinewave produced by the flywheel's magneto. 

There is a 6 core upright coil in there used for various reasons, and 2 other ac motors which are used on 2 other grounds. There is a 3 ground shift trick, a timing trick, and a zero point coil outside the flywheel.


I've solved this enough now to know I can produce an antigravity machine capable also of generating over 100kw at 120vac.; although the Coral Castle machine was capable of 2.4 million watts output, if it had been properly configured. 


It lifted 30 tons using heavy ions, mass without matter, to displace matter. The same tech is used in the creation of those enigma in the crops, although a trick is used to eject those heavy ions in a beam with great speed instead of letting them just fall off the device.


So I hate to say it, but this is a far far better method than your machine, although I do congratulate you on your work. 


I will send you a video of this working once the new version is complete in a month or so.





Thank you for your mail.


The answer to your question is elementary, it is simply called money – please make certain that your university understand what money is.


Study the books on as new pages appear almost every day and learn what is going on.


Have a great day.


Prof. Searl.

Searl Technology Inc.

Searl Magnetic Inc.

Searl Aerospace Inc.

Swallow Command.

From: admin SS []
Sent: 23 March 2013 23:16

Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2013 2:25 PM
Subject: hi


My name is R...... I study in Moscow Power university. I've just watched a video about Searl Effect Generator. 
I'm really exited about that technology. I've been taught all my life that "free" energy does not exist. 
But there is one thing that really can't understand: if that technology really works(which I have no doubt it does), why didn't you still make use of it? I mean it's a source of energy, and people all around the world need that energy. What do you need to get that machine to work for people's well-being? It's sad in that video I watched that energetic corporations try to hide that technology. I completely understand that, it would kill their business. But I don't think that stops you, and it should not.  Also it is sad that you had a working model of that Generator back in 20th century. So why don't you rebuild it? What stops you from that? I may seem kind of silly to you, but please, take my questions seriously.
Thank you for your attention, I'm really exited to hear from you soon.
Sincerely yours,

Dear A. B.

Thank you for your communication - your English is OK. I agree with you there is something wrong with this world I call it education, which is bent on trying to make everyone a control robot. Blind to the reality that is around them. Thank you for the links, and I wish you well and a long happy life. My new website will now show all my new books as I write them as an educational site upon my work. That will be the best site for you to constant watch. As long as I have life in my body I shall fight for a better world for all humankind regardless. I shall push research with all my might - I teach and all the world has to do is to learn from it, it's all free. You understand that at this time I am living in the UK. Have a great day. 

Prof. Searl.


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From: admin SS []

Sent: 28 February 2013 22:17

Subject: FW: Solution




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Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2013 1:48 PM

Subject: Solution


Greetings Professor Searl,

First of all, I'd like to thank you for all the work you've done, I'm happy

that you're with us here. As soon as I stumbled upon a video on Internet

about your generator, I've decided to write this letter because every moment

is precious. Since my childhood I've noticed that it was something wrong

with this world, with people in particular. I've decided to listen to my

heart only, and the rest just to keep in mind. Recently, it became too hard

for me to ignore and avoid all the unfairness that is going on on this

planet, it was time to do something. So, I've started to collect information

and educate myself in areas I thought best suited to become a free person.

Free to act upon my heart's calling and not being a slave of the system. I

believe I know your generator's secret, as before finding information about

your invention, I found workings of another brilliant mind, or actually two

(geologist and a physicist). I'm good at putting things together, but

unfortunately without experience and proper funding (I guess you're familiar

with the latter).  I'm still about to read your book "The law of squares",

which looks to me like calculating mathematical matrices, but I'm sure its

going to be fun.

There are two more reasons I'm writing you this letter. Since I don't see

ads on TV presenting new flying vehicles and free energy generators, it

means you're still underfunded. There is a solution for that. Its called I believe your goal was to get funded without strings

attached, and to make sure its available to everyone and not controlled by

any government or corporation (although I believe they already have it, and

had it long time before). That website offers anyone to invest or just

donate to the listed start-up ventures. This option is not perfect, as your

funds might (and probably will) get frozen by banks or intermediary exchange

systems, like PayPal. There is another solution that gives you total freedom

over your funds, as long as Internet is a free territory. Its called

bitcoin. A digital, peer-to-peer cryptographic currency, that allows to

trade and store funds in the form of information, that is impossible to

counterfeit or control its economic properties like currency emission. Your

money can be stored in your personal wallet, its not an account with partial

funding at some bank, and no one can freeze it. You can send the money in

form of bitcoins anywhere in the world, and it only takes a few minutes to

confirm your transaction, compared to a few days for the bank wire transfer.

There are a lot more advantages, you can read about it in detail here: or There are a lot of libertarian

people on these forums, that would love to fund your project, and free

humanity from this slavery.

I would also like to meet you in person sometime this year, if possible. Its

so hard to find a great mind these days, every time I find information about

one, he's either deceased or recently killed. I apologise for any spelling

mistakes, as English is not my first language =). If you decide not to

respond to this letter, either way, I wish your dreams to come true, and

I'll do my best to fulfil mine.

Sincerely yours,





Hi Gad of Israel,


On behalf of Prof. Searl, I can assure you such basic questions have been answered many times and in many ways within his sites, books and radio interviews.


Please do actually take the time to find the answers, and then perhaps you will understand as we (and Sterling D. Allan) know all too well that the Searl Technology requires a manufacturing infrastructure as it was done in the past.  That by the way, translates into millions dollars in costs for equipment and employment of many top engineers as it was done in the past, which is NOT available to Prof. Searl at this time.


However, there is hope at this time with Searl Magnetics, Inc. currently tasked in redeveloping the SEG, but it is working under very limited resources which is delaying its progress; yet it is proceeding regardless. Please note that the SMI team is focus on the SEG for energy and not IGV which is far more expense endeavor.


We are open to those willing to join us for the advancement of the Searl project by providing skills, services and/or investments… to make it happen!


Best regards,


Fernando D. Morris

VP/SEG Chief Dev. Eng.

Searl Magnetics, Inc.

Company website:

Information website:


Nov. 08, 2012




I was reading on the internet about the benefits of SEG and learned that this device can regrow lost teeth.

I would like to know if SEG can also help children with type 1 diabetes (insulin depended)

Could you please inform me when the first SEGs might be on the market and what would be their price.

Mr. Searl I would like to congratulate you for your amazing work and your determination to help people.

I wish you all the best. 




Toronto, Canada


Dear Eugeniusz Bruc.

 Thank you for your communication.  I have to admit that I have no idea if the S.E.G can regrow loss teeth - where such a statement comes from I have no idea - yes if a root is there it has the tency to grow until it touches the reverse tooth, that is common without a S.E.G. bUt  for burns its great in healing and for those with chest problems good at healing them up.

We are aware that electricity can also heal broken bones where all other options have faild. But its best use is clealy reducing the bad bacteria in your home and hospitals and therefore is vital in wound care.

Due to the ever massive increase cost of materials each year; is a major problem not the technology - but its costs, and the greed of customs. Rents go up each year sometimes twice in a year. Energy goes up when ever they fancy to up the cost. So its a constant war to try to get that cost down. Getting more equipment to be able to do more work in house helps to cut cost in the long run. 

After we crack the cost problem it will require 12 months of heavy testing to certify no problems before submiting it for official testing to obtain the certificate that we can sell them on the market as a safe product. Watch the websites for progress. Have a great day.

Prof. Searl.


Dear JRRS,

I am an enthusiastic believer in what you are doing. And, I have a couple of things here.

First, having recently become a member, I would like offer my skills via Internet. My background includes putting myself through college and grad school to obtain an M.A. In Philosophy. I have always been a thinker. Also, I have 12 years experience in Computer-Based Training (CBT), 1 year of electronics bench technician work in which I repaired keyboards and power supplies of US submarines; also have approximately 25 years experience using PC computers.

Secondly, having struggled to understand how the current SEG works, I think I understand most of it, but I am having trouble (since I am not an Engineer) understanding exactly what the function of the 12 coils are. My best guess is that in the mockup, positive voltage is applied to these coils in order to induce current flow through the SEG, and maintain the movement of the rollers. I suppose these same or similar coils can be used as collectors of current in the prototype of the working SEG. I guess what I don't understand is the difference between a coil that is used to create voltage and current, as opposed to a coil used for collecting current. Would you be able to explain this to me?

Finally, given my experience, I suppose I might be able to help you by helping moderate a forum and/or respond to Email inquiries like mine.


--- On Wed, 10/24/12


Dear Douglas,


Thanks for let us know more about your background which will be saved for the prospects of our project’s growth.


The SEG is difficult to understand, but much of its functions have been uncovered by technical investigations here and made available for reading on our website.  You will need to be patient with yourself in learning about it and know that persistence is factor in the study of the SEG concept.


SEG mockup for demonstration only, uses the outside electrical energy with the electromagnets to motion the rollers, whereas a prototype’s theory of operation reversed,  uses the electromagnetics to tap by induction energy out the SEG; much like a motor can be a generator, just depends on the operational mode.  The electromagnets can be configured with different gauges and turns which determines the voltage and current levels as needed.


Any assistance via the internet would be appreciated. Certainly, there are many forums out there, including our own, where the debates are positive and negative, but the SEG concept is taking hold by its own merits in design, so we are winning and progressing regards.  Via internet you can express your support for Searl Technology which would be appreciated for we must also make the public aware this clean energy opportunity.

Best regards,

Fernando Morris,

Searl Magnetics, Inc.


Dear Fernando,

Thank for taking time from your busy schedule to reply. Your reply is very thoughtful and complete. Thanks to your explanation of the use of electromagnets (coils) I now have a much clearer understanding of the technology and how it works.

I plan to take more initiative in expressing my support publicly on the Internet. Perhaps like me, there are others, who, with a little patience, given some guidance about where to look, may be enlightened. (Although, I suppose you obviously know already and I am just beginning to realize... namely, that those who REALLY want to understand will take the time to read what's out there already.

I'm sure you can tell when someone hasn't bothered (for whatever reasons) to read even the most basic explanations. That thought gives me an idea... maybe I'll work on a "roadmap" for others to follow (a list of videos, docs, websites, etc.) to make it easier for those who REALLY want to understand to follow, step-by-step. I'll post it as a topic in your forum.


From: Tom
Sent: Wednesday, October 03, 2012 4:32 PM
Subject: where this SEG is going?


hi , my name is tom i am 16 years old and very interested in flight and new technologies and such. i live in the united states in the state new jersey and i have come to you to see if i can help your SEG or IGV unit at all. and i have a couple questions about them also. i would like to know if you have found  a contractor to start making these . and are you going to make any new prototype IGV' s in the future. well thank you and 1 more thing... how much does one of them cost to make ... the seg? thanks and pls reply if your not to busy with work! thanks - tom 


Dear Tom.
Thank you for your communication. - if one brought an SEG in 1946 it would had cost around 180 BP. Today it will cost 18,000 BP Read the facts on the websites.
Companies being set up in various countries, will take time to fund cost to set up, costly equipment, and the time to make such equipment is long, Customs duties are damn high.
But the market place will suddenly soon need them that is for certain, as space data shows we got it coming, mass destruction power cuts created flooding high winds will be the beginning of hell for at least 100 years. If the SEGs are not ready by then the world mass will be greatly reduced or completely reduced. Governments do not care as it cost far too much to save lives then to kill them, so let nature do it.
The problem over the years have been people will not listen. On the 10th of this month; I shall do another 2 hour broadcast on tonight in the midlands which you should be able to listen to. Bradley Lockerman will be with me on the air.
Then stop, Think, and Act for your future well being.
Brad is in LA and I am in UK, but Skype make such interviews possible.
Have a great day, and please take care life is short use it wisely.
Prof. Searl


Thank you very very much and i was also wondering if you have an actual working prototype  of the SEG, and also when you mean custom duties what do you mean, and is their going to be a prototype of the IGV. sorry for all the questions i am very very interested in helping out with anything on this! thanks again , -tom 


Dear Tom.
The 15Kw unit is being developed for the home use. The IGV company has been registared to go ahead funds are not available at this time. For mass production mode a completely different class of unit has to be designed, cost and investigate before we can think of setting such costly production lines. Testing ideas to try to cut cost is a slow job and a costly one and time consuming one. There will be no segs this year and not next year even if one was raedy at the end of the year will have to be tested for 12 months before presnting to government testing site to get the refistration number that will allow us to sell them on the market.
Based on cost it looks like 3 years before production starts - regardless what we demonstrate of the research done up to date - the prototype has to undergo a year testing under all conditions for any form of malfunctions that might occur - if none happens then it can be submitted for official testing and approval safe to sell.
The law do not allow any form of electrical devices to be marketed until it passes their testing to check that no materials are employed which are now forbidden to be used - there are a number today you cannot use anymore.
The good news is that I am please with my staff learning program, they are doing a geat job of machining parts and the constructing these special magnetisers needed the 3rd one now obtained that is the base needed to start the construction of them - today picture of the first pressed segment core was sent to me to see - mfirst attempt great progress.
The S.E.G. is a complex machine, which do not fit into our world of engineering - its a new domain which we are develping for the future power supplies the world will need. My broadcast date is racing forward, so tune into tonight in the midlands and listen.
Have a great day.  
Prof. Searl.   05Oct2012


Good Morning or afternoon as the case may be.


An acquaintance of mine whom I’ve passed quite a bit of information to has made the following statement/question and I am unable to answer this directly myself. I thinks it is important that such questions are answered since the more people who can realize the reality and look past the misinformation the better. “I am puzzled that they (I guess he is referring to SEG Proponents) cannot produced any video of discs in flight / taking off / landing”.


I guess there is such footage archived somewhere. Is it possible to answer or otherwise satisfy this query?




We are not focused on the past, but rather on  the future with the tangible merits of the SEG as a generator for clean electrical power.


Searl Magnetics is tasked to redevelop the SEG and NOT the IGV at this stage.


We were NOT focused on the IGV for it tends to make our funding raising efforts more difficult. If SMI was focused on the IGV past, we be spending investors funds going after the BBC coverage, magazine, newspapers and past people living and more likely dead.  


It is more logical and rewarding to focus on the SEG technology, rather than going after the past which is basically dead and gone. It was before our time, however we can manage the present and future endeavors.


This venture is not for everybody, it for those that want to make it happen and not for those do nothing but ask it be served to them on silver platter for free and with no effort on their part; these types will be nothing more than potential customers later and not business partners.


Good advice is not to waste your time on those negative types,  that do not take the time to understand this work. We choose to better work on the technical merits of SEG itself as the best way to silence the useless skeptics (typically ignorant of the subject); better to work with those that are proactive as are our members and shareholders.


Anyway, Searl has already answered such questions too, too, too many times, all they have to do is read what is free online and what books are available for purchase.   Basically, the BBC filmed covered John progress for a year, but it is like pulling teeth out of the BBCand too expense to request them to do a search as tried long ago; most likely they lost or trashed it for they tend work with digital media this days.   


If a skeptic  want dig into the past, we welcome them to have at it, go to the UK, and try to dig it out, it will be very expense process and will take months no doubt. We choose the way of redeveloping the SEG with Searl magnetics and the hardware technology is proving itself out in the lab; this is the bases of setting up SMI. 


Hopefully, you too will agree, the SMI approach is the logical way to resolve all past questions, as it opens up opportunities and a rewarding future for all our members.


Do not feel you have to convince everyone, give them just one opportunity, and move on with those that are truly interested in making it happen; that is what our members have in common and they are making it happen.


As a group we are making progress regardless of the skeptics that just keep losing ground against us and we are gaining momentum on all fronts.


Welcome to our World, it is not easy, but like all past pioneers, we too get the arrows from the natives and yet pioneers tend to up with the best real estate in the long run.


Best regards,

Description: Searl-Logo-E

Fernando D. Morris

VP/SEG Chief Dev. Eng.

Searl Magnetics, Inc.

Company website:

Information website:


Dear Professor Searl,


Good day. There are so many questions that I would like to ask though the real answers I will have to find for myself. 


Will you be ready in time? It does no good to leave projects for others. Can you give your dreams to mankind in time to turn the tides. We are in trouble; slipping so far every day. The only place for people like yourself to hide is in plane site. If you can bring your inventions out into the open soon enough we may have a chance. Capitalism keeps us apart. Divided and obscure. When we come together there always seems enough to go around. Less waste more real wealth. 


With what you know we can become real citizens of the Universe instead of peons of the Empire. 


Traditionally periods of open information occur for only short periods in time, please consider the Renaissance. 


So again: Will you be able to get your inventions out into the public domain in time? 


Best Wishes to You. 


Sincerely, Gabriel


Dear Sir.

Thank you for your mail. Unfortunate it is entirely up to the people to make it happen, the governments will not make it happen because you are replaceable. Once you all wake up to that fact and donate to make it happen; only then will it happen.

The choice is for the people to make not mine. At 80 years of age I done my part in return I have been robbed 4 times and a few bits  I have spent over a million to get this to the marketplace but evil minded people who are still trying to stop it because it will kill their profits; at last they are losing the battle, and fighting harder to stop it.

There are just a handful of people who are trying to make it happen that is why we have reached such an amazing stage in the redevelopment of the unit for mass production, but as stated in 1946 unless you make it happen then the cost will go out of control due to greed of mankind how true that has proven to be and as predicted each year cost will increase by thousands of dollars, which it is doing.

I think that answers your question, it is a project for the people by the people; same that you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink from it. Likewise I can lead you to a better world but I cannot make you live in it. Have a great day. PLease take care life is short use it wisely. 

Prof. Searl

Date: Mon, 26 Sep 2011

Dear Prof. Searl,


I am quite impressed by what I have seen of your work.  This is no idle flattery, either.  I have spent nearly a decade searching for someone like you, who might have the solution for some of the problems we face on this planet.


As you are doubtless aware, climate change is resulting in storms which routinely cause billions in damages, not to mention the cost in lives and suffering.  These storms also result in road conditions which make it impossible to drive any kind of vehicle in existence today without adding chains for ice, high powered amber lights for fog, and of course…the repair of cracks in windshields when areas are hit by heavy hail…not to mention the routine road hazards that are hell on tires.


All these problems pale when we consider the problems of home owners…who are at risk of flooding, lightning damage and whatever else mother nature decides to throw at them.


Based on what you have said on your video, I wonder if your invention might hold out promise for solutions.


For homes, I am wondering if it might be possible to build a "platform" which a home might be built on.  This "platform" would allow people to position their home to anywhere from a few feet above the ocean in the Caribbean…to a point high above storm clouds when they came along.  Since 3/4 of the earth is water, the opportunity for "Floating Farms" and "homes in the air" could change the world.


As for vehicles, the idea of modifying a diesel truck and trailer would save billions in tires and fuel costs (not to mention the massive pollution from used tire disposal).


Are these things possible?  If so, how might I help with a prototype or two ?


Dr. Jennifer



Dear Jennifer.
We all have skills if we really try hard enough. But I can understand your position and you speak truth about the world position that should never be. Bad planning, bad construction, never study what the long term effects will be on the environment by your actions of today.
Govenments look upon the masses as replaceable therfore they have no value. Buildings damaged by storms create work but every time at increatse cost, money wasted which could had been used for better conditions in hospitals and schools.
The SEG is a golden goose but only if we all do our part to the recovery program.
There is the problem lies, everyone doing their part to heal this dying planet.
I wish you a great day please take care, life is short use it wisely.
Prof. Searl.


Sept. 14, 2011

Dear Professor Searl,

I have recently viewed a number of your you tube videos on the SEG generator. I am interested in this technology personally as I can see the tremendous benefits of such a technology for all mankind. I recently invested a considerable sum in a magnetic generator technology only to find that after building one myself I was unable to get the results promised by the inventor, however it was a steep learning curve for me. I would be interested in using this SEG technology to build a magnetic generator myself for personal use and was wondering if you have units available for sale as yet or if plans can be purchased for a DIY unit. I am an Australian citizen and have lived in North Queensland all my life. I would very much appreciate the opportunity to purchase or build one of your units. Thanking you in anticipation.


Dear Bob,


2011 is not 1946 where firms rush to help you with free loan of their equipment to undertake the R&D work – each year the cost goes up not by a dollar but by thousands. We have moved a long way without proper funding but it has cost us a lot of time in the process to achieve this status. The S.E.G is a precise engineering product. The magnetic system is not available we are developing it under a legal operation for protection of the knowhow. Off hand for you to make one you need at lease $2m in the bank maybe more as each year the cost goes up, as Searl Magnetic INC is the only legal body to do the magnetic part of the work. The SEG is a complete new window in science, the machining is ok for skill workers to do, but materials are doped and therefore have to be produced as a special mixture if you want real power means time for the company to produce the material to our requirements because the seg is a very large transistor in fact 3 very large transistor with 66 much smaller transistors moving around the large transistors it’s a linear motor riding on a magnetic bearing its also a  diode not only that though it produces electricity it is a convertor of the energy in the fabric around itself which is wasted by other machines. Therefore to bring down the cost of a unit it has to be mass produced – otherwise it is impossible to do – nothing wrong with the technology, the problem is the people and funding. The seg could had been on the market in 1968 and again in 2003 but evil minds were determined that it would not be so and still they are determined to stop it.


But we are determined they will not win rising cost is making it harder to get to the marketplace but we shall get there in the end as today I can travel to schools to teach this technology to the future engineers to be as they are not yet brainwashed as the old ones are. Hollywood is also thinking of making a movie upon this technology we are in talks and they are excited by a new world in technology that gives a better world for all.


Due to cost S.E.Gs are not yet available the SEG is under development for mass production mode and no longer manual system.


Thank you for your interest.


Prof. Searl.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Without the nay sayers, the technology would not be at odds with the status quo and new horizons would not be realized if we only looked through the glasses of those who taught us how the world "is supposed to work". Had that been the case, we would still be relying on Aristotles theorys of the heavens. Gallileo was not the first to question the minds of the day, he was just the first not to be burned for his ideas because he abdicated long enough to finish other of his studies while giving face time to the Vatican.

It was not but a few years ago that scientists had to modify theory of flight as the bumblebee should not be able to fly until the changes were made. The bee didn't care if it shouldn't be flying. That was to the theorists to battle out while it continued on its natural course to collect nectar on its impossible wings!

The superconductor materials of today were found by accident as they were ceramics, but everyone knows ceramics are natural insulators. Not so, as it turns out.
I would be much more concerned if there were no one challenging this radical idea. It wouldn't be much of a discovery if it was obvious to everyone.

True science gives way to radical ideas when proofs are provided, and experiments validated. Why deny the pursuit of truth? Fear of change. Rewriting the laws of physics? It has been done before and will be done again as we expand our horizons. If it is not true, it won't stand up to scrutiny. However, if it is true, need we pass by such an opportunity, even for a scant 3 million dollars to prove otherwise? More has been spent on environmental impact studies on highway systems before any other plans have been made to realize a road at all.

This idea will have a greater impact on world culture and society as a whole than any road "ever" built any where in the world at any time in our known history

An excerpts from the GE Challenge by sumguynobuddynoes,


Hello John,

     I am a 60 years old and a 100% honest gentleman who lives in Katy,Texas. Sad to say but just might be one of the only honest man you would find in this day and time? I would like you to send me a small working model of your generator.

     If in fact this does what the claim is I would be very insterested in investing in your research. I am a very open minded person. I do know that this is something that is said not possible as it is stated by the laws of physics.

     That said I have always known that any laws of physics are the laws that have been found by man. I know many others laws have yet to be discovered.

     Send me a down sized model that will at least power a 3V L.E.D. and I will then know you have done this. That is after running your generator for a extended time!

     If you want to prove this to me send a small working model and you will have me on board providing you with whatever you need! You will be a blessing to all of man kind!

It is strange but something tells me you are for real. I hope I am right!

No problem son, just sent $2.5m to Searl Magnetics Inc. USA, as soon as the site facility is obtained, lab equipment is in place and the magnetizers are all constructed, then your special SEG will be done first; that is how simple it is. Ofcause the cost to obtain a site’s lab and production equipment has to be obtained first and keep in mind that the magnetic side will cost the most; each year cost increases not by a dollars but by thousands.

I take it that you are educated and old enough to understand such elementary FACTS such as staff wages, overheads power bills, phone bills, transportation, bills taxes and legal requirements - just because I live only on a small pension, does not mean that the top level staff personal needed to produce the first SEG for you will work with a small pension wage - I bet you would not do so - but I have to.

Before making silly requests, think of what it will cost you first - ask your bank if you have the funds available to pay the bill up front for it.

That is what intelligent people would do.

Have a great day.

Prof. Searl.

Wed 9/8/2010 10:53 AM


Hi Mr John Searl,

i am a 23 year old law student at Lancaster University. unfortunetly i have no background in engineering, electromagnetics or any science. on my side, however, is that i can research well. i personally believe you and your story and i hope you keep happy and healthy because you are so important. i want to spread the word of your findings but i may not be able to present myself too well. i want to confront certain professors in physics in my university, about why the earths infinite energy isnt researched into enough. also i would like to show them ur claims of the SEG. please could you help me with what information i should pass on to the professors. in doing this i hope to start a movement in my university to be open minded of new means of getting energy. eventually (with enough confidence and information and 100% conviction) i will create student societies to inform them.if you ever get time please reply. however the quicker the better, so i can get on with what i have to do. again i wish you good health, yours sincerely, Harry


Dear Harry.

Thank you for your communication, which is appreciated.

Students are mind controlled to keep them in their box which belongs to yesterday's knowledge - they are there to teach you - how do you hope to teach them new tricks as they will down everything that is outside of their box.

I understand your position - a difficult one where you lack the knowledge of the technology to take on these experts - I advise you before attempting to talk about this subject to them that you study all documents on my website
at least it gives you some sound data to support what to say.

First its not a free energy device - its a linear motor riding on a magnet bearing - which draws in from the fabric around its self all forms of energy and compress it into a unform state as a convertor acting as if it was a diode and each plate set up acts as if its a autotransformer. These are not magnets rotating around the plates but magnetic devices, their construction are forms a sense a type of magnetic transistor in functions. The output are negative ions of vast in numbers which are pumped into any circuit of electrical wiring that can be used to power anything that needs electricity.

SKY TV will at anytime show the interview with me at Leeds University done on Sunday August 8th 2010.

That should cover basic facts to get you going - but you may find stiff resistance to your talk with them, as they have not been involved in this work; they do not have the facts of our findings from R&D studies.

I wish you luck in your plans, you sure will need it - the main problem is why do we need an SEG? We in power already have power and making profits with the current estiblishments.

Have a great day.
Prof. Searl.

Fri 8/13/2010


Dear Prof. Searl:

Thank you so  much for replying to my previous email. I am so excited to meet you on said schedule in New Mexico. I believe that day will  be the best day of my life. I would like to have a picture taken with you.I have been reading hundreds and thousands of notes, lectures, and articles about SEG and IGV and also looked at your medical report. I would humbly request you to take very good care of you. It is the most important thing then anything else. You don't need to convenience the "IDIOTS" and so called "EXPERTS", they don't have the brain to invent something for the benefits of mankind yet they have all the power, greed and desire to take all the facilities from the world, believe me that is what they have been doing ever since 1946 when you first presented your discovery. I whole heartedly salute your courage as you are fighting for the new generation of the world and you are fighting to provide the world with the cleanest technology, you are providing the new generation a new dimension to explore. The IGV will work one day and any 10th grade student would be able to go in the space to conduct basic 10th grade chemical and physical experiments, that is the dream you are on the way to capture for the world. I will make all efforts to meet you on July conference in New Mexico at any cost. I am hardware engineer and software developer for Environmental control system for hospitals, pharmaceutical, agricultural and research institute and my office is in Houston, Texas. Once again, take a good care of yourself. May God bless you strength, good health and long life. Amen.


Fri, 25 Jun 2010


Dear Syed.


Thank you for your interesting mail, I try to answer all mail which amounts to hundreds a day in breaks my work.


I shall be the first speaker on Thursday 29 July at 1700 hours at the

Tesla Conference in New Mexico, if you are able to attend that I would

like to meet you.


Have a great day.


Prof. Searl



I searched all over the net for supporting evidence. The Godin and Roshin people have been called a fraud by the russian academy of sciences. I found out after searching the net. So you are a fraud after all.


Hi Jon,

Yes, you are entitled to your opinion, but I doubt you have researched it for the last 15 years like I have.

We cannot speak for the Russians, we have no relations with them. However, I can assure anyone that I know John Searl very well at a personal level, he is a sincere man; trouble is his invention is too far ahead of it time for this society.  For that, this invention has cost John dearly, not surprising considering many inventors and scientist of the past are persecuted for advancing unconventional ideas.  

You are lucky he is has not given up at his age, he has devoted the rest of his life that humanity benefit from it. Have you not read and seen how the SEG principles have been confirmed? The more we research it, the more SEG principles of operation are confirmed: do you understand what that means?  So better leave the man in peace, assist and focus on the technology. The SEG speaks volumes by itself, which is why we have done all we can open the opportunity to pave the way for everyone to help make it happen. 

Keep in mind that at Wikipedia and YouTube, any ignorant egotistical person with self interests can post false and misleading comments at will; we are infact aware of a small subversive group (YouTube type) consistently posting  misinformation on any forum they can find about the subject. So your presumption is badly mistaken and it is not an usual problem. However, we are gradually clearing up the misinformation of others and infact winning over time; the slander and libel was far worse 3 or 4 years ago, so the matter is improving gradually.  

Our members range from physicist to investment brokers, so if you insult Prof. John Searl, it insults all of his members who know him far better than yourself.  I have known John Searl personally for years now (15 years) and I have technically confirmed all that is possible within my means of the technology and it show on our website: why cannot you see that?  

If you cannot tell the difference between a sincere effort on the part of the Searl team members, than at least keep you negative opinions to yourself and leave us to research the SEG that will show for all to see that it can be done or not; remember we are an open forum with nothing to hide. The point is, it must be researched and not ridiculed.

This could potentially save millions of lives and create a promising future or else you better get used to diminishing resources and environmental degradation. 

Take care and don’t be hasty in judging.

Fernando Morris

SEG Chief Eng.

Saturday, June 26, 2010 10:39 PM


Yeah you are right Morris. We should forget the past and concentrate on the future. I also have done some research on Searl over the past few weeks and see a lot of corroboration of his work. keep going. I checked out the documentary and see the hurt that Searl is going through. It shows on his face. Sorry about being a bit abrupt before.


Forgive me, Professor, but I am sight impaired and find it difficult to read your web site. As hard as I looked I couldn't find the answers to my questions about fins on your space craft. So, if you wouldn't mind, just give me the bottom line to my questions of why the fins, and how they work will in outer space...

Deepest regards,


Hi Tom,


You must be talking about the Flight Cells, those are FAA requirements incase the IGV loses power (very unlikely with this system). The Flight Cells allows for a controlled decent by controlling the air flow alone. This certifies that the IGV structure can be licensed to operate in accordance to FAA rules and regulations.


Take care,



Dear Tom.

Thank you for your mail.

All your questions are answered on the website, read all documents and keep checking each week for any new ones, all data applies to this technology.

I shall be at the Tesla conference Thursday 29 July in New Mexico where for the second time in USA the public will see our progress with the technology; I shall be the first speaker.

Prof. Searl.

Monday, June 21, 2010 8:04 PM

Hello Mr John. I am a business owner who listened to some of your shows. One thing I dont understand is why you cant show us members of your former team. If you can show me proof of former team members or a reason why you cant find them I would gladly fund you. I asked the BBC and they said they have no such videos of John Searls saucers. I am still investigating whether it is worth funding you or not. At present since most of the proof is against you I just wanted to hear from your own mouth why you cant find former team members and videos of your saucers.Your story is too inconsistent. I want to hear your own story before making my final decision on whether to fund or not.


Sir it’s on the web, they were sacked for robbery, the old boys have long passed away, their dealings were private and will remain as per agreed upon.
Of course after 10 years pass the news records are dumped, BBC did informed me as stated on web that they switched to computer recording on many subjects and many were lost; even NASA moon photos.
We are a legal body undertaking research and development to create the SEG that must be mass produced with today’s materials.
Insults from you are unacceptable I shall hammer you at the Tesla conference as the type of offensive detractors I get in my mail; one who has no interest in solving these environmental problems I quoted would happen since 1946.
I expect that military and top government officials will attend my lecture and demonstrations which Hollywood will be filming.
I am only interested in honest sincere people who are willing to work together to make it all happen.

In the past equipment was stolen to stop this work, it has taken a long time to recover and a lot of suffering due to such idiots.
There is no doubt now in my mind that this technology will end up being done by the military of the USA; it will be done regardless who does it.
I wish you a great day, and the day is coming you will regret what you said here.
Prof. Searl.

Tue 6/22/2010 2:41 AM


I'm not sure if this message will make it to Mr. Searl or not but i thought i had better give it a try.

Mr Searl i have recently become obsessed with the concept of free energy. It wasn't too long before i has came across the SEG. After watching several videos of you speaking of the concept and how it functions i believe in it enough to build one. My intent is to replace my house power supply entirely. I know you are an important person and i am not anyone of any significance. If this message doesn't even warrant a response from you then i still hold your research and discovery's highly. You have done an impressive thing in this world. I am a 25 year old Welder/Power Generator Mechanic/Carpenter for the Army. In all the research i have done on the SEG i was unable to locate any blue prints as to materials used,sizes or shapes. Any help you could prove or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated. If this is privileged information and you don't wish to release it i entirely understand.
                                                                                                                                         Thank you for your precious time,


Im failry certain in my old age i will proudly
be able to say i lived not in the time of Einstein
or Tesla but i did in the time of John Searl

Dear Russell,

Thank you for your communication.

This is the voice of Swallow Command Scotland, Prof. Searl replying.

What you are seeing on my sites is a product that has a very high degree of machining we are working with atoms and therefore density which is not a common way that industry functions is the key of success.

Agree, that to the eye the SEG is simple, that is where deception of nature is what fools one. It is complex device and precision is vital.

If you had studied my website the one thing that should had shown itself was that it sure cost a lot of money in fact one SEG to make alone cost $2.5m to $3.0m that is why they have to be mass produced by thousands of units to be able to sell at $15k each. Each year the cost goes up not by penny’s but thousands of dollars which relates to people getting bigger wage increases puts everything up.

You need 5MW of power to print that magnet and there are no magnetizers on the market available for this work they cost $2m to construct you need 3 of them for the plates and another for the segments then a special to generate the 4th wave after the first 3 waves are collect.

Must contain the magnetic wave within the building and fully protected from escaping or you will need all electrical goods to be replaced and your local power supplier searching why they got to buy a new generator to feed the grid of the your area.

There should be a spreadsheet on the web.

I shall be opening the Tesla Conference on July 29 in NM where for the second time in the USA the public can see the research work done I have 2 hours to show how it works.

If you could make it there you will not be disappointed.

I wish you a great day.

Prof. Searl.

Date: Wed, 9 Jun 2010 01:23:32 -0700


Fernando, you were one of the two gentlemen who accompanied Prof Searl for the Veritas interview, which I heard only days ago.  Thank you for taking the time to amply address my correspondence.

I gained an immediacy from the interview that was two fold.  One, John, though sprightly for sure, needs to leverage his remaining time with us most efficiently; and two, this country is on the edge of collapse, and ironically enough, the Cap and Trade legislation, already set into motion, will use the energy industry to quickly drain the remaining wealth of the citizenry.  With the sunsetting of regulations on the power companies on January 1, 2010, their rates have already begun rise by as much as 30% and will continue to rise in anticipation of additional government fees coming their way.  The US, and therefore the world, stand on the brink of economic collapse.  This technology could indeed save our planet, even at this late hour.  How ironic it is that Professor Searl has been there trying to get us to hear him for so long.

I see the potential in the SEG as the Sword of Damocles, hanging over our government's head.  There is care that needs to be taken with moving forward in this effort, as I am sure you are aware.

There is much I would like to do to help.  I did the one thing I could do immediately.  I sent correspondences to major news outlets that reach millions of viewers/listeners.  If you could encourage your audience to do the same, we may be able to generate sufficient action quickly to propel this project into motion through the will of the masses.

Thank you to you and John for being and for the enduring persistence to do the right thing. 


Following is what I sent and to whom:

Please consider this man for a guest appearance:

I recently encountered an interview with Professor John Searl, inventor of a free magnetic energy generator.  It is his wish to put this technology into control of the people to ensure that it survives to mass production and can not be suppressed or subverted by the corporate world or government agendas.This scalable generator can replace the need for power plants and run vehicles in perpetuity for free.  This energy solution, not only clean but healthful as an ionizer, can eradicate the oil crisis and eliminate any justification for Cap and Trade legislation.  The potential is revolutionary. What sets Prof Searl apart is his philanthropic desire to ensure the technology is used to improve the life of his fellow man, which also causes his dilemma, a lack of exposure and funding.  I believe that his goal is to see the masses make small investments in this effort, so it would truly be the people who make it happen.  Gaining mass media exposure would ensure that the effort would remain alive until his goals could realize fruition. I have only scratched the surface of the implications of the Searl Effect Generator. 

Please visit the following sites to learn for yourself what the fundamental implications are in helping expose this amazing man and his ideas to your audience - 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to pursue something that could change everything.

A fellow patriot,


Saturday, June 05, 2010 9:38 PM


John, I am working with a few people and we were interested in trying to make one of these generators. We would like to know if you are willing to help other people try to make these or would provide us with information on where to get certain products to try and make our own generator with this technology that you speak of. Any help would be greatly appreciated, let us know of your thoughts on this subject.

Many Thanks, Jason


Hello Jason,

I would expected you to realize from the website that you need $3m in the bank to be sure of making one.

Its specialize work and costly, and 3M would be very cheap to make a SEG AS IT WILL COST US ABOUT 14M TO MAKE A FULL SEG TO MASS PRODUCE IT.

Then once production is moving the cost drops, but mass production on a very large scale is the answer today to get one cheap: next year the cost goes up again and every year the cost goes up.

Every year people demand wage increase the SEG goes up in price, as everything is involved goes up in price which we have no control over. 1946 Nd cost me 32 cents a kilo today 5 grams cost me £29.30 plus VAT at 17.50 so the cost is a massive jump and we need a kilo for the first plate and much more for the next and far more for the third plate. Then same for the rollers sets.

You would find it's almost impossible to make due to the fact that so much knowledge is required and equipment very costly today.

I wish you a great day.

Prof. Searl.
Thu 6/3/2010 12:06 PM


Dear Professor Searl:

Thank you for your reply, which disappointed me.

If you are concerned about terrorists using your invention, then I don't think I'll see it used for the good of humanity in my lifetime, or yours.

Unless you reveal your Searl Solution to the world, your work will have been done in vain, and you'll have disappointed many who believed in you.

Please reconsider, and take your place along giants like Nikola Tesla. The alternative is that you will be forgotten.

Can you give me any hope that you will soon release your knowledge to the world, which would help us to get off fossil fuels? Our purchases of oil is funding the terrorists.



Dear Lou

In reference to your communication let me kindly point out that on websites are more information upon this technology than any other inventor has claimed I have done 40 hours on radio in the last 8 weeks and expect to do another this coming saturday could be 3 hours. I shall be lecturing at Tesla Tech the second public show in the states, and a major one at Leeds University in the UK.

I expect to be in the States 2 weeks before my Tesla event to meet other units which I hope coast to coast will do another one while I am there, and other meetings are being planned. Most important going to AZ to see the factory there which offer me a site to set up lab and later production lines of cause there is a lot of legal work to do before I finally sign the papers.

I have a increase in top scientists now on my teams. More will join as publicity increases, who can tell that day may come soon when I shall meet face to face with the President of the U.S.A. for government support to push the work in the States.

Whenever I get a few minutes available to re-write pass documents I do so and place them on the web, another will be done as soon as possible and posted: the people I need are certainly looking at the web; from that point I am at last winning the battle.

I wish you a great day.

Prof. Searl.

Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 23:44:04 -0700


Dear Professor Searl: Please patent your invention and enjoy the royalties, which will no doubt be significant. Please don't take your secret to the grave, as did Edward Leedskalnin who built Coral Castle. I'm 79, and hope to live to see your work recognized and developed world-wide, with you honoured alongside Nikola Tesla. I heard you on Coast-to-Coast, and bought your DVD, in which you impressed me with your honesty and sincerity. Please don't disappoint the many who have helped you in your work. Lou

Dear Lou, Thank you for your mail. 
Based upon the expert advice at the patent office and my legal boys being present you never patent a know-how and certainly one as dangerous as this because it becomes the property of the masses who owns it not me. 
Terrorist would then be able to make weapons that are far more effect than the H-BOMB can wipe out whole towns in a flash which means every electrical component would have to be replace and it would be almost impossible to replace grid systems for a few months, computers and such goods would take time to replace. 
My duty to this planet my home and also yours is to protect it from such evil minds which I have done since the 1946 to now and will continue to do so. 
Money has no value as you cannot take it with you when you die, and the technology will create more money than you will ever spend in a lifetime. 
Yes profit agree are needed to speed up production lines to meet demand. 
We are winning against evil minds and by the end of this year those idiots will know that their days are numbered. 
Thank you again for your interest and we shall get there in the end. 
Have a great day. 
Prof. Searl.

Sat 5/22/2010 12:13 AM


John, In one of the talk shows I thought I heard that you had the money you needed from someone in California to build the SEG.

Could you be more specific on exactly what you need to get this project going. Lets get down to the bottom line in plain far along are you and how much more money will it take to get it working. Don't beat around the bush with us, tell us exactly what you need. It is very confusing trying to figure out at what stage the project is in right now. Is it dead in the water right now or is it moving forward at snails pace. Wayne

Dear Wayne, Thank you for your mail.
My website make it clear all those radio broadcast of the last 8 weeks has made it clear also that I came to the states to see an offer which at this time is in legal lock up as the owner of the factor want to own it but he cannot as it is a project for the people by the people and not just a few who can decide who can have it.
As stated each year the cost goes up because everything goes up to set up, the magnetizer in the USA at this time will cost around $2m with luck that is for the first plate, the next plate magnetizer will cost lot more assume around $2.5 - $3m and the final plate magnetizer will cost more maybe $3 - 3.5m. That is just the magnetizer then there is the roller magnetic segment 2 off but lot cheaper about $0.5m this is just the magnetizer cost add all the equipment for production line for domestic unit $10m if we are lucky.
Since 1946 I have told the world that each year the cost goes up and up which I have been proven right after April next year expect the cost to go up if not before then. Longer we waite for the funding the more the SEG will cost on the marketplace.
As stated on shows we have been at a standstill for funding after Thailand run out of funding and therefore looking at USA for a suitable site, we may have got an offer from the legal boys but we must be certain that its safe for us to accept the offer. Canada also making offer but do not have all the millions needed to set up, so it be a few months to see if they can raise the rest of the money.
1946 I could buy a pint of beer for 4p tell me where on earth today you can buy a pint for 4p, a 4 large buns cost a penny tell me today where I can buy that same product for the same money. A large loaf of bread cost 4p where on earth can you buy same size loaf of bread for 4p - so use your brain that is what its for that unions puts the cost up every year and will continue to do so until the governments halt it.
Stop - Think - act before you talk, that would serve you much better.
Prof. Searl.

Wed 5/19/2010 4:33 PM


Hello John, My name is martin and was wondering on how i can buy or make this free energy to power my house for free?  I heard that its illegal to have a device here in the USA but willing to take that risk.  I would also like to power the church because my church uses lots power to do choir practice, birthdays, etc. 

If you can give me a link to buy this SEG device I would appreciate it.  I just hope it not in the 10 thousands =). Thank You

Dear Martin. Thank you for your communication.
SEG can be design for any power output required, at this time looking for site suitable to set up lab to complete the 15kw power unit for mass production.
Keep watching our websites once production starts up you will see stated on the websites.
Prof. Searl.

Sat 5/15/2010 2:36 PM


So are you close to having a working version yet. and also this looks just like what people long ago wrote about the "Gods" using for flight on clay tablets!

Thank you for your communication.
Until we have funding to set up a base there is nothing we can do to complete the work so it can go into production, but keep watching our website for updates.
Prof. Searl. 

Thu 5/13/2010 2:00 PM


Hello Fernando, 

Just thinking about something you mentioned and some comments David mentioned to us when I was in Calif. a few weeks ago.  You mentioned that you have built 4 magnetizers. Yes, it was part of the learning curve, but only the 4th was large enough magnetize the large stator ring and it is seating idle in Thailand waiting for funding and an agreement. And I was also thinking how many times you and the prof. have gotten to the point just short of production of the first SEG. At zero times, Thailand was an R&D effort only, even then it was never funded enough to finish it  Additionally, David mentioned to us (while we were in his conference room) how easy it would be to get funding with a working prototype and he stated that there was a "plethora" of investors ready to provide funds for any green project. Agree, which does not help us now, we need the kind of support that funds a research site, 3m is next to nothing for the markets it will open up.  Also, as I reviewed many of the professors' interviews over that past few months, this line of questioning seems to be very pervasive--I think I can boil it down in just a simple sstatement--"Show us a working prototype and we will give you all of the money you want"!  Would you agree? Yes, but short of the funds needed to make produce it, all I can do is the best I can out of my own pocket to demo the merits of the design and confirming it in a way that every can see and not just talk; hopefully we will gather the support to fund the project to make a full prototype. 

I also realize that you and the professor have truly struggled to maintain control over the technology--I agree. Not really, we have released huge amount information on the web and media, yet trouble few can appreciate it or even take the time to comprehend the basics. We only want to control the magnetization process which is what Searl Magnetics is all about; providing a service for the SEG product. Our business partners have the option to make manufacture and market the SEG.  

Yet it seems just as you approach construction of the magnetizer and plan to begin with construction of the SEG--some one "yanks the rug from beneath you".  May I suggest very soon that we obtain the services of a good patent lawyer to guide us through the signing of agreements with the current investors and future contracts?  Keep in mind John is not a fool, knows all that and has done all that, patent lawyers advised not to do that or it is a free weapon to terrorist and hostile countries and he gets nothing. The other problem is most investors act like control freaks and unrealistically want a quick 3 month return on their money.  

I hope that the prof. has a very long life and lives to see the day the SEG is in production--yet--the reality is that what you and he do in the next few years may be your best and last opportunity to make all his years payoff---wouldn't it make sense to obtain concrete legal council and solidify all your efforts of the next few years and the years  of the future?  I know enough to make it run and that’s fair enough, John knows how to make it work faster and more efficiently. If people don’t appreciate him enough to support him to bring this technology to benefit them,  well it goes to show it is a people problem not him or the technology. 

Thanks for your time--just some thoughts to help permanently establish a plan for the success of Searl magnetics and the dreams of the professor. 
Captain Patrick, Thu 5/13/2010 1:55 PM

Thanks Fernando, I certainly agree that it is the people who have created the bariers to the SEG--check out the Government grant idea---this could add the remaining funding requirements.

Captain Patrick, Thru 5/13/2010 2:11 PM


Dear Team Searl, 

I sent an email a few weeks ago looking to see if there’s any way I could help.  I’m resending you all my resume is this unsolicited fashion because I generally hope to creatively leverage my Electrical Engineering and Project Management experience to help realize the potential of John Searl’s technology and your promotional organization.

Dear Eduardo.  
Thank you for your communication, which is appreciated.  
As stated on all my recent radio interviews in the States as on my websites it says that we are looking for funding to set up base for lab and production lines either in the USA or Canada, agree we are still looking for same in the UK.  
This is why we cannot employ any more people at this time, I can only do what I can from my pension at a cost to me in what you take for granted I have to do without.  
We hold your data on file should thing change which will appear on our websites you can re-apply. I wish you a great day.  
Prof. Searl.

Tue 5/11/2010 1:28 AM


Dear Prof. Searl,
I am a 41 year old machinist by trade and absolutely fascinated by the Searl Effect Generator. My fear is that this technology will be lost because of its lack of exposure. Why the blue prints and schematics of this design have not been released is only known by you. I understand that money is always a factor in the way decisions of this manner are made but I do believe by releasing this information to the normal joe for home use would only benefit the world. The government can stop some people from this technology but it cannot stop all the people. Please don’t let money be your guide like so many others. To be blunt I am asking for direction to build a small generator to power my home? Thank You, Tim

Many people over the years have tried to make it but failed, last Saturday for the first time in the usa we showed the public our work live on the queen Mary, in fact Mark Nelson who runs a radio station was there and wants us back on his show within minutes. I guess he will have lot to say on what he saw. I demo it in Canada in 1971 and had dinner with the Prime minister and the whole cabinet. On the websites are drawings and demos to see.
I must get ready to do the broadcast which I have done these last 8 weeks 50 hrs air time on radio, Have a great day.

Prof. Searl.


Dear Professor Searl 

I have recently became aware of your proposed technology.  I too share an interest in energy production.  I am intrigued by your prototypes and claims.  However I am surprised that in the 60 or so years since you have developed the idea, I cannot find evidence of a working prototype.  I recently saw the video on YouTube where you were working on proofs of Newton’s laws about state and energy.  I believe you are on to something but as it is with a lot of things it is a tremendous amount of work to bring a good idea to market.

Do you offer detailed production plans for sale or even plans to build a prototype like I have seen in your YouTube video with Dr. Moore?

Any information you or your staff could forward to me on the current status of your efforts would be appreciated.  Thank You for Your Time, David

Dear Dwight
The mock up was something knock up quick to take to show at the COFE at Washington DC a couple years back no intention to move just to prove the experts wrong 12 heavy rollers would stay on which since 1946 the experts stated impossible and if they move they would fall off.
Due to the interest at that show I decided to see how much power I need to draw to get them to move, and it took just 5volts precisely what I have stated all those years that the internal energy is high enough to move them again at 250 rpm they still remain on and do not fly which on my website explains everything.
As stated since 1968 nothing has been done by me accept during these last 2 years the task to redevelop the system for mass production mode has meant investigate what each part of the system does as you see the two other test examples prove precisely what I claim is true the SEG concept will work in the new set up which I have design the pat ant office seen the demo and agree that I could proceed to fill in the application forms but remember that is a know how you never pat ant a know-how if I do the world owns it and if I don't then I own it.
Everything about the construction is on the web because millions of you ask the same question. There is nothing wrong with the technology just the people who are locked in a box that belongs to way back in the past. Like the bike impossible said the experts strange no one therefore can see or own a bike.
What we show is impossible so the experts say strange then must be your mind think it is seeing it.
Every item you process was impossible said the experts - yet you are please to use them and forget or don't want to know that its impossible once.
Nothing is impossible unless the state of your mind makes it so.
Yours in the work to create a better world for all humankind regardless.
Prof. Searl.

Wed 4/28/2010 10:21 PM


Mister John Searl

With all do respect please do not talk with anyone in the state of california. Please do your homework. Everyone that has any alternative energy source has been taken to court and locked up for a number of reasons, security fraud, among any number of trumped up charges. I would hate for you loose ,time ,and money and many headaches.   James

Dear James, Thank you for your communication.
We have had 2 FBI men visited us and they order the first two SEGs coming off the production line. I learnt that the best way is to take the bull by the horns, thus I invite all these kind of units to come in and chat; guess they will all be buying SEGs.
I have an open door and I have been to California to see if a deal could be done, but it could have been if I accepted the first SEG as mine and all the rest was his.
My magnetic engineer base is in California, and I shall be returning to do more filming in Hollywood in the months ahead as I am lecturing in New Mexico at the big conference being held there details are on my website.
Hollywood will attend my lecture at Leeds University to film the event to add to their 15 years of film records upon my life and work.
I have no problems with the law I am more please to be seen shaking hands with them then not to be seen.
Again thank you for your concern.
I remain, yours in the work to create a better world for all humankind regardless.
Prof. Searl.

Thu 4/29/2010 9:45 AM


Dear Prof. John Searl
I have looked around and my question is; what can you do with 1 Billion USD for
your project? I have access to huge money contacts.
How many factory plants can you make? for the benefit of

1/ manufacture equipment for single home energy-need with an estimated average of 20-30kwh per year. (this is common in Sweden)?
2/manufacture the device needed for a flying disc? (the one I am interested of mostly).
3/manufacture a car or truck engine together with different car manufacturers which can replace the fossilengine?
I am insterested in this and I can make the difference for YOU and the SEARL effect!
I am looking forward to your early reply
Best regards, Peter
P.S. You have been struggeling your whole life, I will make you succeed in this! D.S

Dear Peter
Thank you for your communication, which is appreciated.
Let me be honest, I have heard those words so many times this last 12 months, and not one has been able to pay for my medical bill, they have no money.
It would be nice if for once someone actually did honour their claims to get this technology to the marketplace as I am getting older everyday.
The Glastonbury festival has given me one hour to talk to the masses about the technology.
My website gives the information, I have done many hours on radio this last couple of months and hope soon to get on large TV shows.
If you could really create this wonder world of clean energy then I am always available to look at offers. Even if its only publicity, Radio or TV would be of help. Sweden is nearer than the USA. I am always wishing to see this technology on the marketplace no matter where.
If you really think that you can help, it would be a wonderful action on your part, bear in mind that at today's cost to set up lab will be in £3m mark, agree once the cost to set up production plants the cost drops with the volume of raw materials and over heads like wages, buying in massive bulks cut cost also.
If you are sure you can help then become a team member, which requires your photo for the records. Whatever you do to help will be appreciated and valued.
I wish you good health and a great day.
I remain, yours in the work to create a better world for all humankind regardless.
Prof. Searl.

Tue 4/27/2010 7:00 PM


The real world is always in the PRESENT, there is no past or future. Just PRESENT


Dear Larry, Thank you for your interesting communication.

Agree all who are brainwashed by education accepts that world which all the rest of the animal world accepts because they cannot change things. 

In inventors create the future, if everything inventors created for the future which you enjoy today was taken away from you, I doubt if you would survive. 

Inventors see the problems of the future and try to solve the problems, as I wrote in my first newsletter in 1946, that the world would be in a mess with pollution and many will die because the technology was not in place to save them, that I would live to see that happen and I have, the last 2 years just take the month of May only 2M people died that ought to be alive today which clearly shows education to fail, many more will soon die as we enter a bad period of at least 100 years if the earth can survive it. 

Agree today the USA if measuring all rocks orbits against our to see which ones are a threat and scientists are working on how to destroy them before they impact with the earth and that is not the only problem we now facing one we just witness which grounded aircraft and many more of this event will soon take place. 

Strange that you state that there is no future when you are using everything made by man which was the future to be which you enjoy, have a great day may it be for the future. 

I remain, yours in the work to create a better world for all humankind regardless. 

Prof. Searl. 

Tue 4/27/2010 6:41 PM

We encourage you to write to your U.S. representatives with the following example by one of our concerned patriots:

I recently encountered an interview with Professor John Searl, inventor of a free magnetic energy generator.  It is his wish to put this technology into control of the people to ensure that it survives to mass production and can not be suppressed or subverted by the corporate world or government agendas.

This scalable generator can replace the need for power plants and run vehicles in perpetuity for free.  This energy solution, not only clean but healthful as an ionizer, can eradicate the oil crisis and eliminate any justification for Cap and Trade legislation.  The potential is revolutionary.

What sets Prof Searl apart is his philanthropic desire to ensure the technology is used to improve the life of his fellow man, which also causes his dilemma, a lack of exposure and funding.  I believe that his goal is to see the masses make small investments in this effort, so it would truly be the people who make it happen.  Gaining mass media exposure would ensure that the effort would remain alive until his goals could realize fruition. I have only scratched the surface of the implications of the Searl Effect Generator. 

Please visit the following sites to learn for yourself what the fundamental implications are in helping expose this amazing man and his ideas to your audience -

Thank you in advance for taking the time to pursue something that could change everything.

A fellow patriot,


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