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The SEG future and how you can be a part of it.

John Searl is extremely passionate about completing his research and finalizing the SEG's development into production. He is incredibly sincere in his mission to create a better future. You too can help Professor Searl bring his technology to the people.

SEG Magnetics, Inc. has been tasked in development of the SEG for a better world now and a brighter future for generations to come with a clean energy and transportation systems.


I, Prof. John Searl hereby declare that I fully understand the axiomatic that what goes up must come down in the end. There is similar level of acceptance among businesses and more so with retailers that as much as a third of what’s delivered may come back.

Clearly, the assumption that business and retailers must price outbound delivery charges and the price of goods at a sufficiently high level to absorb the cost of these return products, but behind every assumption is the opportunity to find more profit and/or satisfaction for the customer.

I am making this pledge, that none of our manufactured products will be over priced to cover the cost of returns because I see no reason why any SEG should malfunction during normal operation and therefore there will be no reason what so ever to up its cost.

Furthermore, I declare that my company will insure all our products be free to our customers should it malfunction. That is how great my faith is in this technology and all my company's products will have a 10 year guarantee on it.

Searl Magnetics company’s aim is to produce absolutely clean energy and pollution free transport systems; even with space exploration missions.

There is still much work to undertake to get various countries set up to mass production of the SEG with the intent to develop the IGV at the same time. This is a rather tall request at this stage, but the IGV concept will certainly be under study.

We the members of the team who are creating the world of tomorrow for the benefits of planet Earth by which you the people of planet Earth will benefit from our efforts and devotion. We sincerely thank you for the interest you have shown for this work.

Unfortunate, this project in reality means taking into account the high cost of test equipment, materials, heavy machinery and tooling along with operational expenses.

We as a team, can promise you our devotion to get this technology to the marketplace as soon as it is possible to start up mass production, which does rely on funding being available to complete current R&D.

We shall continue to update our web sites so it will be a public record of an impossible project that started as a dream, became reality through the devotion of a few who were prepared to prove that it is possible.

Like all those everyday machines and electronics you see today,

they were impossible dreams until someone took the gamble,

made the effort and won; we too shall win for everyone's benefit.

To the future of the people of planet Earth, may the power be with you always, good health and bless you all for your interest.

                                                       Professor John R.R. Searl


SEG Magnetics, Inc. is a the leading organization developing of the SEG technology: SEG Magnetics Inc.   It is now an active research facility with a commercial office space and a research laboratory in the USA.

The information contained herein does not suggest or imply and should not be construed, in any manner as investment advice or as soliciation, but to only inform.


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