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                                                     Searl Magnetics, Ltd.




DATE: 19th August 2009.



                  United States of America

LOCATION    : California, Nevada, USA

DIVISION       : Magnetics

SUBJECT     : Appointment of Chief Engineer.

CHAIRMAN   : Prof. John Roy Robert Searl.

STATUS        : R&D Human Studies.


I, Prof. John Roy Robert Searl, hereby confirm that the following named person have been appointed as the Chief Engineer of the Searl Magnetics, Inc. and all subdivisions.


Research metals for use in magnetic projects undertaken by Searl Technology Research and develop the magnetic wave technology systems.

Holding meetings and demonstrations with representatives of companies who are interested to invest in such research and development; In addition, to search for related materials, which appear more suitable for employment with our magnetic wave technology; and to write up reports upon the results of such tests.

It is a new approach in the magnetic domain, which needs to be research and studied on how best to employ this new window in science and technology.

Within the last few years, SEG magnetics research and development started out in California, then was scaled up in Thailand but due to lack of funding, the final stage of the SEG program will be completed in the USA instead.


The future depends on research and development of technology that creates a cleaner environment to that which we are experiencing today; we shall leave not one stone unturned in our drive to find solution that meets our needs of today and the future.

Progress is slow in Thailand due to the lack of funding, but when we look at the massive task involved and evaluate what have been achieved with what funds that have been available it is indeed a great achievement.

What people do not appreciate is that the Searl Effect Generator (S.E.G.) as it first was created could not be applied to a mass production technology; and therefore Searl had to come up with a different approach that is possible to mass produce, and results to date looks good that it will be achieved.

Thanks to Fernando Morris who not knowing what he had landed himself in went boldly forward where no sane man would go, into the unknown and his SEG research discovered interesting results, which proved that Searl is sane and learned the hard way that it is the World of greed and obsessive control freak personalities that has slowed or blocked the SEG's realization to this day.



So all you who want to make your own S.E.G. at home, good luck, you only need around $3 million in your bank account to meet the cost of making it and better have 3-phase power available, which does save blacking out the district each time you go to magnetize a segment layer.

Of course back in 1946, I could not afford my own magnetizer, but my employer had one and it was a fraction of today’s cost. It was a massive magnetizer with its own power station used to magnetize large blocks; modified for my work when it was no longer in use by the company. Any intelligent person on this subject matter would have figured out that I would had access to a magnetizer with my employer (British Rewind Electrical Repairs, Ltd.) as I worked there as an apprentice engineer.

So you have only 544 segment layers to magnetize and only 3 large plates layers to magnetize, guess that will keep you very busy for some time. That is assuming that you have $3 million in the bank, if not guess you will never live long enough to make it on financial grounds; that folks is the world of reality.


Of course, I forgot you could see if you can beat the Russians by using their concept of construction, which would be interesting for the world to know and see your finish unit working. We too would love to see the same results, as motion by magnetism only; is of vast interest to me including many others.

Searl Magnetics demonstrates its research and development findings for all to see. In addition, many have called at our lab to witness such demonstrations on open days. Sometime in the future open days will be based on charge bookings, as such days cost us money with the cost rising yearly means a set limit of funds are available for the project involved, which can no longer carry shows to the public free of charge.


Fernando Morris Chief Engineer of Searl Magnetics, Inc. (SMI).

SEARL MAGNETICS, INC. has been born from a small acorn, it will gown and mature over time, no one can predict what it will uncover in the future; that will take man to outer space on his journey through space and time to obtain the truth of reality of our universe.

Nor can we predict at this time what the company will discover that will give us all a better life health wise in the near future.

We think we know everything, I know different for what we know is only one grain of sand in value and the rest is all assumptions.

We must change assumption to reality then we shall be wiser how we treat our home Planet Earth, for at this time we appear to have little or no respect for Planet Earth, which makes this company concern about the future of this planet.

This company represents you and your children future; regardless of any disrespect which you have for it.

This staff are giving their time and risks highly to create a better world which you have yet to experience, one which has no pollution in the atmosphere, thus the air will be cleaner, more oxygen for all to breath, cheaper transport and safe standards not yet available, burning no fuel as we know today, thus creating no pollution to hurt Planet Earth.

The reduction of harmful bacteria and virus are just one issue of the advantage of such technology. The animal kingdom also benefit from such changes and they too enjoy a better standard of life.


Yes, indeed Searl Magnetics, Inc. has carried various test which have only proved what I have been telling you since 1963, which gives us a green light that our target will be achieved when funds needed are in hand.

This section of the company will keep you up to date as news become available.

This Document released by the authority of:

Prof. John Roy Robert Searl. Head of R&D.

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