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DOC-SISRC-SIH-P1                                                                                           DATE: 17th August 2009                                                                                           EDITION: One



                           SCOTLAND, UNITED KINGDOM.

Planned implmentation of a large multinational company.


    • 1.    Administration 
      • Orientation of the Markets
      • Orientation of R&D
      • Constitution of the Company: definition of duties and inter-relationships, and their management (“organisation”)
    • 2.    legal 
      • Lawyers and secretaries
      • Creation of contracts
      • Internal relations contracts
        • Intra-department Contracts for the role of each employee
        • Contracts for inter department relationships
        • Contracts relations, HQ-Filial
          • Per territory
          • Per domain of affair
      • External relations contracts
        • With Manufactures
        • With sub-contractor
    • 3.    Human Resources
      • Recruitment & Selection
      • Training and Development (People & Organization)
      • Performance Evaluation and Management
      • Promotions
      • Redundancy
      • Industrial and Employee Relations
      • Record keeping of all personal data
      • Compensation, pensions, bonuses etc in liaison with Payroll
      • Confidential advice to internal 'customers' in relation to problems at work
      • Career development
      • Social club
    • 4.    Accounting
      • Book keeping
      • Accounting
      • Commissaire aux comptes




5.           Security                                                                                               

         Corporate building


           R&D centre

           Public events and shows


          Camera Vigil

6.           Technology                   

             Product Development and R&D

             Strategic planning

             Supply Chain

             Quality and Benchmarking

            Medical Affair

            Knowledge Management



             Engineering training and management


7.           Marketing



              1.          Word to mouth

              2.           E-commerce

             Managed Care

             Managed Market

            Market Research

             Business and competitive Intelligence


8            Communications

             Historian, journalist



             Corporate Communications

             Public relations

             Programs events, conventions management

             Public affairs

             Medical communications

             Brand and Product management

             Pricing, forecasting

             Strategy development  

             Thought Leader management





9            Fundraising

             Searl’s Foundation

             Fan club

             Committed people pledge

             Business Angels.



SEARL INTERNATIONAL HUB is under development and some of the planning is presented here as an indication of our intensions.



An international complex such as being planned here in reference to energy, transport and space on a commercial base is a major task; it is without doubt, a League of Nations to work together to solve our energy and transport problems that has never been attempted before.

Yes, it is easy to say IMPOSSIBLE when you fail to realize everything you own and take for granted was impossible generations ago; the IMPOSSIBLE can become possible with the right leadership in charge.

I trust that I shall prove to be that right leader in this attempt to undertake the impossible and make it possible – only time knows if I shall achieve success or not.

Regardless which way it goes we have all learnt something positive from this effort, which in turn make it more easy for the next leader to succeed.

It is not the question whether we win or lose, but what we learn as we go we put to good use for the benefit of this planet and you. To that aim I am determine to make that attempt to succeed regardless of all that hate campaign on YouTube by you know who.


This is a rough layout of what this international company has to study and defined precisely the best operational functions for its market objectives.

This massive task has commenced and the web will be setting up the Business section, which shall contain the various company sections, and the documents relating to the list of sections.

By clicking on the button of any part of the company, you will produce buttons listing what documents are available.

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