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"When a true genius appears in the world you may know him by this sign;

            that all the dunces are in confederacy against him."

                                                                                           Jonathan Swift

Searl's purpose

The Searl Effect Technology promises to be one of the greatest of mankind's inventions and a window to a new world of possibilities.

These extraordinary accomplishments should earn him Nobel Prizes along with such honors as the "Inventor of the 21st Century",

but his true desire is to see to it that this technology be fully implemented as soon as possible for the benefit of the people and the global environment.

The story of his hardships and persecution is a long one, long after most men would have given into the gambit of big business monopolies with the misleading's of government officials and even pathological skeptics sponsored to promote misinformation against alternative energy solutions, Professor John Searl is never the less with us today and courageously willing to offer his solution to our planet in crisis.

The SEG is a revolutionary device that generates electrical power by converting natural outside energy regardless of the weather conditions. It produces economically sustainable clean energy with no reliance on fossil fuels such as oil or natural gas, and so it is a carbon free alternative.

However, the development and implementation of this revolutionary invention has encountered a great deal of resistance over many years because of the obvious economical repercussions to big oil industries, energy distribution monopolies and stiff ideologies that have entrenched themselves deeply within governments, industry and institutions that depend heavily on maintaining today's status quo.

If the people of the World should choose to support John's final mission, and adopt his technology, we would eliminate air pollution, solve our looming energy crisis and support unprecedented economic growth. Anything that can be run electrically can be driven by an SEG, with no pollution and no use of fuel as it is commonly known.

How much longer will we allow the corruption and greed of the privileged to blind us from the opportunity to heal our Mother Earth and advance technologically? This may be our last chance to accept

John Searl's offer to make the transition to a better World.

We hear about massive destruction of tropical rain forests with growing deserts around the World. We also hear about pollution going into our air, rivers, lakes and seas. And now, the polar icecaps are receding with a growing ozone hole over them. All this is making it increasingly self evident that the environment is being compromised ominously by human activity.

These ecological problems may seem far away from our everyday life as most things may still seem normal to us on a day by day basis, but one day we might wake up to the fact that we are too late to repair the damage done to our environment.

The Earth will survive, but the Human Race may not...

Our Planet in crisis



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