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How do we

redefine our future?


Our Future

Fossil energy will become very rare and extremely expensive a long time before it runs out. Almost all scientists and geologists will agree with this reality. There is now an inherent need to find alternative ways to transport people and goods, and to grow food and heat homes.

There are many proposed solutions, but most are short term fixes and any longer term proposals are uncertain and unpredictable both in planning and result. None can be regarded as cheap and abundant like oil used to be.

Certainly, energy conservation plays a key role. Prolong finite fossil fuels, hence buying time to develop alternative energy solutions. This can be achieved by increasing fuel taxes, banning recreational vehicles and the like. The number of trucks can be reduced in favor of rail, and carpooling, public transportation and bicycles can be promoted and then enforced.

Wind, solar and tidal power can be used in the generation of electricity that is dependent on the unpredictable weather. Appliances designed to be more energy efficient would help. The internet that replaces the 'shopping' experience. New cars could run from 3-cylinder diesel engines or even hybrid and electric motors. Inroads could be made with electric and liquefied methane or hydrogen combination to replace oil, if it can be made as a compact energy source economically which ofcourse presently it is not and may depend energy from oil to produce it.

Of course, the most talked about answer to the energy crisis is nuclear fusion, the same energy that powers our sun. The "fusion replaces fission" answer. There are several types of fusion reactions, most resulting in a highly dangerous radioactive waste, but the safest relies on helium 3 which is abundant on the Moon, but not on the Earth.

Another answer is to restrict the World's population. Though it may sound somewhat draconian, it is a real prospect. The planet simply cannot sustain 6 billion people with its current energy requirements versus availability of resources.

But is there a better way? Is there a cleaner way? Is there a more economical way? The answer is yes!

Professor John Searl has an alternate energy solution that is both economical to produce and clean for the environment.

Furthermore, it is nothing less than a long term solution to our global energy crisis - it is called the "Searl Effect Generator" (SEG).

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