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What is Professor

John Searl's vision?


Searl's Vision

Various people throughout history claimed to have generated what the scientific community would call free energy or pure energy, including the likes of Nikola Tesla, unfortunately today most of them are deceased.

However, John Searl is alive today and retracing these past endeavors to rediscover this clean and unlimited energy technology.

In the past, John Searl kept much of his technology secret for fear of theft or abuse. He has been wrongfully imprisoned and years of research were destroyed. He has experienced some terrible setbacks in the past and that was almost the end of this technology. Miraculously, he is alive today with the full intent to fulfill his solemn promise to future generations and he is more determined than ever before.

He continues to work towards his vision of a better World.

He is strong-willed, determined and committed to bring his technology to all of us and honoring the future of our children by correcting the misguided judgments of our past.

Will we wait too long to accept it? Will we waste our time scoffing at his sincerity and ignoring the merits of his invention as has been done by others in the past? Will we turn a blind eye to Searl's sincere attempt to move us into the future?

At this time of desperation, let's not turn a blind eye, let's open ourselves to any possibility, irrespective of whether it sounds fantastic.

We're looking for the visionaries of today to save the people of this planet. We no longer have the luxury of saying someday somebody else will fix it for us.

We've severely damaged our atmosphere and depleted our natural resources. We're cutting down our rain forests that provide much the earth’s oxygen. We all know of these distressing activities and yet feel nothing be done about it, but we can do something about it.

What we can do is to open our minds and stop resisting the necessity and the inevitability of radical change.

John Searl sees a world with little to no pollution, clear skies, purer waterways and the resurgence of nature’s abundance. He also sees faster and more efficient transportation system on land, air and space that is safer and more accessible. A system that is economical and available to all of the World's population; not just to the privileged few.

All of these things are possible. All of these things are achievable. All of these things are our moral obligation and duty to future generations.

Professor John Searl has been shouting the answer for many years and it is called the Searl Effect Generator; it is time now to listen!

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