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Scotland Lecture - 9/5/2005

Professor Searl proves to the scientific world that magnets act in waves and not just poles.

Scientists have always maintained that the only method of magnetisation possible occurred with clear and discrete poles of North and South. The industry has produced multiple poles on a magnet, but always with discrete North South polarity.

On May 9, 2005, at The Victory Hall, Aboyne, Scotland, Professor John Roy Robert Searl demonstrated a magnetic wave pattern on a ferro-magnetic metal material, thus proving conventional scientist wrong. This demonstration was witnessed by officials from the Scottish Government as well as a member of the press. The entire lecture was video taped by a reputable production company from Los Angeles California.

The tests demonstrated a magnetic ring rotating at a constant rate and measured by a gauss meter. The readings steadily increased and decreased in an even and fluid manner. Further tests were video taped using an oscilloscope to show the complete repeating wave form. This leaves no doubt that the field that Professor Searl describes can be created and duplicated.

The secret to making this wave pattern on a magnetic material lies with Professor Searl and his team. This magnetic wave pattern is used to create the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), the cornerstone of a new era in clean and sustainable energy.

We are closer than ever to having a working prototype of the SEG. With anticipated funding, this technology will reach the entire world and bring about an exciting new energy age.