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'Proof of Concept' Mock-up SEG Completed

The SEG mock-up completion marks the first time since 1963 that a roller has rotated about a ring continuously.

(PLEASE NOTE: The mock-up does not generate any electricity. It is for demonstration and evaluation purposes only. It consumes a small amount of excitation energy to demonstrate the merits of the SEG ring stator to rollers design.

Dr. Terry Moore, a friend and associate of John Searl's, have posted videos at that demonstrate the mock-up of the SEG that can also enable John to file for a British patent as it is.

The device is not the fully-functional Searl Effect Generator (SEG); It has been constructed for demonstration and evaluation purposes only. Nevertheless, the videos are a compelling illustration of the SEG in its basic form and functions, and acts as an exciting prelude to the future unveiling of a working 15kW prototype of the SEG.

View One Roller Mock-up of SEG (courtesy

In the first video, a single cylindrical, stationary roller is nudged to commence motion.  It accelerates around the perimeter of a ring until its rotation stabilizes at a rate of approximately 100 rpm.

View Voltage controlled Mock-up of the SEG (courtesy

The second video shows a similar set-up with twelve rollers in motion.

In these demonstration videos, the input excitation energy is started at about five volts with 600 milliamperes (3 watts). However, if the voltage is increased by just two volts, the speed dramatically increases up to 250 rpm.

These mock-up versions of the SEG were not designed for power output or electricity generation. They simply illustrate that continuous rotation is possible, and provides a working model to evaluate how the rollers spin and magnetically space, how they stay on the plate, what speed makes for a magnetic bearing and what input power is necessary for operation. This will indicate how much rare earth material is necessary to provide drive; keeping in mind that rare earth has its own inherent voltage and functions as a reservoir of electrons. In the future active models of the SEG, the external excitation apparatus will be replaced by four layered rings, one of which is composed of rare earth metal. Hence, no external input energy will be required with the Searl Effect.