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Written by Fernando Morris

The Morris Report 4/6/05

S.E.G. Concept Review by Prof. John R. R. Searl

EDITORIAL NOTE: This report concludes the S.E.G. CONCEPT REVIEW by Prof. John R.R. Searl which helps explain why this technology has not reached the market place. This 437 paged book has proven to be the costliest one to date for the author and yet it had been freely presented online over the web for a limited time only.

For those of us who know him personally, it is a remarkable accomplishment considering that it was done under difficult conditions and in a short period of time.

The effort can now move on to the next level and by all indications “the ice has been broken” and this technology can no longer be held back by ignorance or even by those motivated by maligned greed. The inventor will next concentrate on selling his technology with the business approach necessary to bring it to the market place.

We can make the SEG a reality again only by working as a team under Prof John Searl instructions. This technology has many complex facets like a diamond and it not easy to see all of them or even just a few, it actually depend on one’s education, history and viewpoint. The key to it is long term persistence and a good degree of unbiased views to make the correlation of all the facts.

The S.E.G. has this simple and elegant physical form, that is the beauty of the design, but underlying are very sophisticated electromagnetic interactions and effects that work together seamlessly to produce electrical power and if overdriven, it will also display an inverse gravity effect.

The S.E.G. is indeed a difficult device to build due to the need for broad knowledge, diversity of skills, high precision and high costs associated with these requirements. Yet when these requirements are met, it is then just a matter of rolling them out the assembly plant which makes it cost effective as it is with most products.

There is an irony with regard to the source of power, it is in fact ever present and it is felt by all among the living, yet at this time the public is oblivious of this unlimited source of energy which is clean and of the highest quality. To explain it in its simplest terms, the S.E.G. converts the temperature of the local environment in to electrical power, but be mindful that infrared is just one band of the electromagnetic spectrum that is utilized by the S.E.G. and the I.G.V.

Perhaps the truly new millennium will commence the day when Prof. John R.R. Searl’s contribution to mankind is fully realised and implemented.

                                                                                     Sincerely, Fernando Morris