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Written by John Searl

The Searl Report 8/6/05

The Victory Hall, Aboyne Scotland.
9 May 2005.

Upon this date; proved the reality of our education system which creates the lack of appreciation for this planet, ignorance to what we are doing to make this planet sick; all in the name of greed, except for a few from the Scottish Government and a few members of the public.

Thanks to just one really wonderful human being in the form of a woman name Jazz, who with determination ventured where no man would dare to go and set up this event for the benefit of all mankind regardless of colour or race, and all those other creatures great and small who would benefit, except for viruses that would die as the results of change of our direction of hell to that of a paradise.

She is indeed a light unto the world for those who suffer and urgently require such technology as the Searl Effect generator to assist them to survive, to meet their requirements for cooking, pumping and purifying water for both their cattle, plants and their personal needs Soon we all shall need this technology to purify our water supplies polluted by our ignorance and no respects for the long term effects of the crime that we are committing against nature, while it makes those creating this pollution rich in content.

Extremely sad is the fact that as Jazz posted up leaflets to inform locals of the coming event some one followed her and remove them, which again proves how sick this animal that is impenitent to call itself a human being, clearly nothing human about that act. Large posters were also destroyed.

But this attitude doesn’t stop there, Jazz spoke to press reporters in the UK and sent the media her flyer, yes one who spent time with her did write before this event the most insane article that I have ever seen by a so-call reporter who had the indecently of plunking his arse near the man in black who was filming this event. Human – no – no respect for this planet or for other people rights of a better world.

Insanity is his maximum education standards. Again notice of this event was sent to the media of the world, including NASA, Boeing, Lockheed and the President of American and Prime minister of the UK including Green Peace, the Green group and many other claimed groups who supposing to represent this planet state.

Sadly none of whom turned up, that clearly represents their attitude to the state of this planet, not interested because this pollution generates large profits, and profits come before health and well being of this planet. Nevertheless, this event went ahead as planned, and thou the turn out was sadly represented in numbers, it did achieved its objective to get people talking about the problems and solutions to them in a way that has never taken place before this event over the whole domain of this planet.

To Jazz; we owe her much for her bravery to take on such a task without knowing what she was going to witness to her effort in helping mankind; but she can smile now for she has succeeded where all others have failed, but that is a secret for now; in due time what that secret is might be told in gold.

To all of those who helped this event, I give my sincere thanks for giving the power to the people.