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It has come to our attention that the "black listed" group associated with Russell Anderson and Brad Lockerman are using Prof. John Searl's name, concepts and copyrights (even unscrupulously edited videos into clips that are out of context) to gather funding without his authorization and approval.

Prof. John Searl's Directive bars those he has identified below as having undermined his interests for their own agenda. He DEMANDS they shutdown their deceptive campaigns that is causing public and business confusion. Report such abuses to and we will take public and legal action to stop it.

News update for December 17, 2014

NOTICE TO ALL READERS: Russell Anderson (left image) has indeed betrayed Prof. John Searl for a mere illusion of big money with the "Florida sharks". Consequently, the SAC Board of Directors recommended and the Executive Committee has terminated Russell from his post with no possibility of returning to the company. The root of the problems has been identified as due to Bradley Lockerman (right side image) paid to influence the shallow minded against Searl's interests. According to Searl, he is an actor that lives in a world of fantasy and NOT of the world of reality, has sold-out for "30 pieces of silver" and committed "fraud and deception" to undermine his rights for his own self-centered agenda. Take note that both of them have been dishonorably discharged from the Searl Team organization and barred for at least 10 years. Searl's Directive is to take legal action against them for defamation, slander and libel with regards to Searl's Corporate business and its founders.

For detailed information about their misdeeds, refer to the STI web site at:



Engineer Fernando Morris of SEG Magnetics, Inc. demonstrated two new demos in blue build by the SEGM Team. It provides proof of concept and shows the merits of the SEG concept for public demonstrations. Many of SEG Team Members were present at the demonstrations booth and on


June 28, 2013

We were honored to have as our guest, President and founder of the Tesla Science Foundation at SEG Magnetics, Inc., (SEGM).  Wwe encourage everyone join into the events at Independence hall for energy independence.

The Million Volt March is a philanthropic global breakthrough energy movement dedicated to building awareness and support for TSF’s traveling educational exhibit, the restoration of Tesla Science Center laboratory site, the Tesla Memorial Society, and free energy inventors around the world continuing the legacy of Nikola Tesla. The Tesla Science Foundation’s Declaration of Energy Independence needs your support to help build this new energy paradigm envisioned by the late great Nikola Tesla.

Events starts: Sunday, July 7, 2013

More information at:

google location:Philadelphia,PA


  Classes Streamed Live info at:



Members of the Unarius Organization were welcomed to meet previously at the SEGMIoffice location. We are pleased to announce now a joint lecture is scheduled for April 7th, 2013; within their class and stage facilities in El Cajon, Ca. USA.



Speakers representing the SEG Organization, team members:

They will shed light about the SEG Technology at this Energy Movement Conference:

Trailer video



Amar M. Vakil



Mathematics, Engineering, and Science in QA, QC, R&D, Technical Writing and Communication.

Matthew Pulver Email

To apply my mathematical, scientific, and software development background to the production of quantitative trading software.

The latest of a series of videos, after touring the SEG Magnetics, Inc. research laboratory and office location; filmed are their thoughts and views about the SEG concept. (Click on the image above to view the video for each).


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Latest SEG Technology update:

Post COFE conference news on the Morningstar device.

Ending the day was the much anticipated presentation of the entire conference by engineer and physicist, Paul Murad with coauthors, Morgan Boardman and John Brandenburg on: “The Morningstar Energy Box”, a replication of the mysterious John Searl and Russian magnetic energy converter (MEC) device of Godin and Roschin.

It was an historic occasion since Mr. Sergei Godin came from Russia with his financial backer Mr. Kruglak just for the breakthrough announcement by Murad that the anomalous “magnetic walls” and the “temperature cooling zones” surrounding the MEC were independently confirmed and measured!

Paul also showed two videos of the spinning device to highlight his findings that for the first time, validates the work by Godin and Roschin, who also hold a patent on the device. The room was filled to the max as the audience listened attentively to Paul Murad and a lively question and answered followed. It was a most fitting way to close the first day.




Monday, March 1, 2011

Russian Temperature & Magnetic Anomaly Confirmed in Homopolar System.

The Morningstar Energy Box (Tuesday, March 15, 4:30 PM) SPESIF-COFE4 Presentation.


We encourage even a one-day attendance at this historic presentation on Tuesday by registering at:

SPESIF-COFE 4 Abstract. The Morningstar Energy Box is a derivative of a Searl device modified in a similar fashion used by the Russian Scientists Godin and Roschin. These devices use laminated rollers and a main ring made of different materials used to enhance electrical and magnetic properties. Where the Searl device uses rollers to move around a main ring, the Russian device kinematically constrains these rollers within a mechanical cage. The operational theory for the Energy Box uses rotating electromagnetic fields to create gravitational effects and is different from those theories outlined by either Searl or the Russians. A prototype device is currently under test and unfortunately self-accelerated motion has yet to be obtained. The Russians have made several serious claims that their device produced self-acceleration to generate electricity, created a relatively large weight loss, generated discrete walls of magnetism far from the device and that a temperature drop exists when the device loses weight. To date, no one has validated these outrageous claims. However, we have found similar phenomenon regarding temperature loss and the discrete magnetic walls to occur during tests of the Energy Box and have correlated the temperature drop that the Godin & Roschin device produces as being a consequence of the Unruh effect. Where they claimed to lose as much as 35% of the weight of a 375 kg armature, the Energy Box only loses as much as 2% of its 490 pounds at this stage of the test cycle. Additional tests and modifications are underway to hopefully increase the weight loss.

Future Energy news


Wednesday, September 29, 2010 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

Searl Effect Generator device promises free energy

(NaturalNews) The solution to the world's energy crisis might be found in a magnetic device that utilizes both ambient temperature and magnets to generate power. In theory, the "Searl Effect Generator" (SEG) has the potential to run completely on its own through a complex interaction between various materials, resulting in an unlimited supply of free and clean energy.

click here or the image to read the news article.


A overhead view of the new Searl Magnetics laboratory and the Searl Team that supports it.  The Searl Magnetics website at will be tasked with the business of researching the magnetization and redevelopment of the Searl technology; subsequently production and related services.

The latest video updates to view the building up of the lab area at our commercial facility at the SEG progress webpage.


The Searl Magnetics audio presentation to the GE Ecomangination Challenge: click here to listen to it.


Voice of Morris, SEG Chief Dev. Eng.:

My name is Fernando Morris a graduate in the field of electricity and I welcome you to consider a new world of opportunities with the Searl Effect Technology as a clean renewable energy idea.

I hereby recommend the Searl Effect Generator, otherwise known as the SEG.  Having spent 15 years investigating the technical aspects of the SEG from theory of operation to hardware proof-of-concept demonstrations, it has only resulted in positive results.

The SEG device is a brilliant innovative design; it is based on linear induction motor technology riding on a magnetic bearing able to convert random outside energy into useful uniform or coherent electrical power.

The working principle is same as the energy cycle of a hydroelectric power plant with respect to harnessing water as part of an open system; instead however, the SEG does it at the quantum level with electrons, where the reservoir of electrons are supplied by the rare earth metal Neodymium.  It takes advantage of the electron’s ability to absorb and emit kinetic energy to harness outside energy in a system that recycles those electrons.

The SEG is a revolutionary open system design working in complete accordance to the laws of thermodynamics by ways and means that are new to the energy industry and mainstream academia.

My own research has confirmed the merits the SEG concept at every level of my own technical abilities and resources. I have confirmed that waveforms can be impressed on magnetic material in new ways, made the magnetic bearing self-evident, proven spin and orbital rotation of the rollers around the ring plate does happen and confirmed the electrical principles of motor and generator are indeed inherent in the SEG Design. 

The originator of the SEG concept is John Searl. He foresaw increasing pollution with decreasing atmospheric oxygen as far back as 1968. That it would cause climate changes and there had to be a solution for it. The SEG provides an ideal solution to such problems. 


The SEG is a green and clean renewable approach towards energy production that can support the grid in many ways.

As a standalone power source, the SEG can provide electrical AC power to supplement the growing demand for energy with dedicated SEG power plants. It can supply power to remote areas and even inaccessible places of the world.  The SEG is scalable from small to very large generator to meet any requirement as a large single unit or many smaller ones an array working in tandem.

It can be utilized to support local power substations effectively bypassing much of the overextended power lines associated with loss of energy. This will reduce the burden on the present day grid by supporting it where it is most needed.

The SEG conforms to industry production standards of electricity as in any normal power generator utilizing the concept of stator and rotor relationships.  The only difference is the SEG uses the abundant electrons in the rare earth material to kick start the system.

It maintains continuous output 24/7 regardless of the weather conditions and self-adjusts to the variations in demand for electrical output. The only side effect is a lowering of temperature by a few degrees around the local environment.

By design the SEG is ideal for mass production with attributes that are clean, healthy, safe and sustainable for the production of electricity with low maintenance and cost effectiveness. 

We have no doubt the SEG is the right approach towards meeting the growing demand for useful energy for home and abroad just the same.


Voice of Searl: “I am Prof. John Searl, the inventor of the SEG. I can promise you it does work!

In the past, I made the SEG components out of pressed powder materials, but not for manufacturing; it was done only for study and development. Now, I am prepared to head the development of the SEG with a solid layering method that would make it ideal for mass production.

I have authorized Searl Magnetics Inc. with the research and development of the SEG.  Thank you for your time and consideration of my idea for a better future.



October 21st

Welcome to the GE Ecomagination Challenge, a $200 million innovation experiment where businesses, entrepreneurs, innovators and students share their best ideas on how to build the next-generation power grid – and just might get funded.

We’ve teamed up with some of the best-known venture capital firms, including Emerald Technology Ventures, Foundation Capital, KPCB and Rockport Capital, to help back the most promising ideas.

Round 1: From July 13 – September 30, 2010The general public will vote on ideas that they consider the most promising smart grid technologies; however, the ultimate decision will rest with GE.

Round 2: From October 1 – November 30, 2010In late October, GE will announce those entrants with whom GE intends to pursue commercial relationships. In November, GE will announce any business deals with GE that have been formalized.


Post comment By wilmot

Now that the dust has settled, the consensus here is that the GE Challenge did not meet expectations. But were those expectations reasonable? Silicon Valley VCs showed that they are only interested in measuring and software, which no one should have been surprised to learn because the VC expects to exit in two years with ten times his money back (10X), which rules out any technology development except software and small gadgets. GE showed that it has no interest in outside submissions regarding new generation technology (the Create category in the Challenge), but GE has a large investment in the old way of doing things and employees who reviewed the ideas (despite appearances, I prefer to believe that someone read each idea submitted) would endanger their jobs by admitting that someone else was ahead of GE. The last thing any big company wants to see is a new idea which might disrupt their market and make their inventory obsolete. America's flagship company is drifting onto the rocks, and I hope this feedback will not be ignored. Let's hope that GE is not so discouraged with this failed crowdsourcing experiment that it won't come back with a new and improved version. One improvement would be many more classes and subclasses of submissions, instead of one undifferentiated and vague category of "Create Renewables." Also, for ideas that have been "reduced to practice," some sort of thoughtful feedback and ongoing contact. Out of the 3800 ideas submitted in this iteration, I thought that fewer than 100 were more than just tweets, so the effort of serious review and comment would not be too much to ask.


Jul 29-Aug 1, 2010

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Albuquerque Marriott
Pyramid North

5151 San Francisco Road NE
Albuquerque, NM 87109

Prof. John Searl will be speaking at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference July 29 - Aug 1. Click on the image or the link below for make a reservation to attend the conference.

YouTube - 2010 Tesla Technology Conference

YouTube - The 2010 TeslaTech ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference Commercial


Second Annual Leeds Exopolitics Event : August 2010

In conjunction with Exopolitics UK  the second annual conference will take place over a weekend in August 2010. Please see official site for line-up, tickets and updates. We are currently confirming a special event  package which will feature the British 'Searl Energy Generator' and 'Levity Disc' creator Professor John R Searl.

>>> click here for the Exopolitics Promo vidio <<<

Article #1 -

Article #2 - 

Also if you have an hour or so free take a listen to our interview with the director of the recent DVD called 'The John Searl Story'  



SEG Progress Update Videos Posted on

The SEG's development has been being recorded on video and posted to In the first two videos, John explains how the SEG mock-up 'stacks up' against Newton's Laws of Thermodynamics (note: the displayed mock-up is not generating electricity. It is for demonstration and evaluation purposes only. It consumes a small amount of excitation energy, which will be replaced with rare earth elements in the final SEG.

Searl & Newton (Part 1) (courtesy
Searl & Newton (Part 2) (courtesy


Demo of Concept' Mock-Up SEG Completed

The SEG mock-up completion marks the first time since 1963 that a roller has rotated about a ring continuously.

.Click here for more info


SEG Mock-up & Discussion Videos Posted on

The recent SEG mock-up completion marks the first time since 1963 that a roller has rotated about a ring continuously (note: the mock-up is not generating electricity; it is for demonstration and evaluation purposes only). It consumes a small amount of excitation energy. The final SEG version will have layers of rare earth metal to achieve energy conversion and self drive.

One Roller Mock-up of SEG (courtesy
Twelve Roller Mock-up of SEG (courtesy
Independent Verification & Discussion Clip 1 (courtesy
Independent Verification & Discussion Clip 2 (courtesy


John's SEG listed on PESWiki Directory

The Searl Effect Generator is now listed on Pure Energy Systems Wikipedia

Click here to view the listing


Reality : An Observation

John Searl discusses the SEG and some of the myths that lead our World into ignorance rather than acceptance.

Click here to read the notice


Second International Conference on Future Energy (COFE)

John's technology prompts enormous interest at the Second International Conference on Future Energy (COFE) held in Washington on September 22-24, 2006.

Click here to Download the pdf report


The John Searl Story

This story is based upon Dr. Barnardo’s Homes own records upon the life of John Searl as a child in their care.

Click here to view the pdf document


The Law of the Squares 1/1/06

Explains the rationale behind Professor John Searl's Law of the Squares as it relates to nature.

Click here to download here


The Searl Report 8/6/05

Professor Searl comments on his lecture in Aboyne, Scotland.

  Click here for More info


The Morris Report 4/6/05

The editorial conclusion to John Searl's SEG Concept Review after many years of investigating the technical merits of the SEG concept, the conclusion supports the viability of the Searl Effect Generator.

Click here to read the page document


Scotland Lecture 2005

Professor Searl proves to the scientific world that magnets can act in waves and not just poles

Click here to view the report



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