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"The most important scientific revolutions all include, as their only common feature, the dethronement of human arrogance from one pedestal after another of previous convictions about our centrality in the cosmos."

                                                                       Stephen Jay Gould (1941 - 2002)


Inverse Gravity Vehicle (IGV)

The Inverse Gravity Vehicle is a craft designed to take full advantage of the SEG's unexpected propensity to lift and defy the force of gravity.

The IGV is structurally designed to support and integrate a very large and powerful scaled up version of the SEG within a suitable flight controlled frame in the form of a slender disc.

Initial prototypes simply sped up and got lost skyward regardless of obstacles such as ceiling or roof structures, for this reason John called them "fire crackers", but very expensive ones at that.

The incorporation of a dielectric layer gated or regulated the output and with the development of the disc shape outer body, enabled him to control it during flight with an innovative 64 flight cell switching relay system that made it agile and maneuverable by the 1960s.

Jim W. Good, an artist who caught sight of the levity disc called the Probe Six in 1971 as he was drawing a church steeple and its landscape. He was amazed and could not believe his eyes as a flying craft cross the scene as drawn. Note the flight cell details around the rim and the four none retractable landing legs along with place and time does correspond to the test flight of the IGV called the "P- 6".

From varies locations, these crafts were radio remote controlled by a small network of ham radio operators given specific instructions. They also utilized innovative communications techniques such as EME which bounces signals of the moon. These test flights typically took place at night at altitudes of about 2000ft emerging out of isolated fields.


The Rev. George Nicholson's 12 page booklet printed July 1975, gives testimony and praise to the Searl technology. He was in fact privileged to own a small SEG unit that delivered 200 watts at 240 volts.

(Pdf ref: The Epic Story of Free Energy)


However, these test flights did not go unnoticed, thousands of witnesses reported hearing or seeing what they called the "Warminster Thing".

Residential homes within the IGV's routes were incidentally effected by droning sounds, roof tiles rattled and waved, pigeons that got in the way dropped to the ground, unsuspecting witnesses panicked in fear of it and it even give chase to cars; targeting police cars in particular that happen to be in the area.

These so called “sighting” in fact prompted many town hall meetings within the small British town of Warminster and these gatherings were filled to over capacity with frightened and alarmed town citizens,

who unbeknownst to them, actually witnessed test flights of the IGV.

This was the actual cause of the biggest and most enduring flap of sightings in UK history.

One of many town hall meetings of concerned citizens in fear of the "Warminster Thing"; to correct this video clip the year was 1965 not 1945.

(courtesy of BlackCloud)


Among the many creditable witnesses sighting the IGV were this two british policeman in this video clip interviewed Oct, 1967. The policemen sketches the IGV's outline accurately along with the vertical columns of light above and below the center of the IGV due to trapped and compressed air formed by the external double toroidal fields making it appear as a bright cross in the night's sky.

(courtesy of BlackCloud)


Prof. John Searl Inverse Gravity Vehicle called Demo1 of the 1970s.

A pictorial video of the IGV Development during the 1960s and 1970s.

These images was recorded by the BBC News and by the Newspapers. The BBC ran a weekly piece on John Searl's work and progress for almost a year. These Television broadcasts showed the IGV in flight and gave updates on the work being done to build a large craft. There were articles and pictures in the Sunday Mirror on November 28'th 1971, Derby shire District and The Hants and Berks Gazette in 1969. There were pictures taken by John Hocknell Press Photographer which accompanied press write up by Phil Sanders on July 4'th 1969. There were many pictures and write-ups done on John Searl during these times.


From left to right is Charles Husky, Sue Justice and tony Justice working on Demo1.

View the video: The Sounds of the Revolutions (Courtesy of Deborah Knights)

This video link shows some actual video footage of one IGV named "Demo1" under construction by team members started from 1969 and completed 1976; the last model to be test flown.

This is a shape ideally suited for the emissions of the high-speed electrical charges from the rim’s edge to the atmosphere and back to the relatively positively charged central dome.

High levels electron charge accumulations envelops it in a cold vacuum and surrounds it with a hazy colored glow of charged plasma.

These charged gases emit photon light due to the high-speed electron emissions that interacts and releases a great many more free electrons out of the atmosphere due to the the air's cascading effects.

In this manner, electrons in great abundance are recycled through the IGV which effectively provides the means to absorb external energy from the surrounding environment as an open system of energy conversion.

The external random charges are attracted and collected by the central surface areas of the craft. These charges are connected to the input of the large diameter SEG located inside and near the rim of the craft. Therein, electrons are compressed or condensed into tunneling pairs that increasingly accelerate through the three stages of the six layered high performance SEG. Then finally, these boson type charges are emitted at near light speeds out of the frame's peripheral edges or points as a uniform state of energy emissions into the air.

Past a certain point, the apparatus achieves material superconductivity at temperatures near absolute zero. This incidentally creates a powerful gravitomagnetic or inverse gravitational force and concurrently an inversion of inertia; it appears these two forces are interrelated like two sides of a coin, thus overturning one force effects or inverses the other.

These profound effects manifest when the SEG is electrically overloaded to the atmosphere, driving it into a super conductive state that enables an immense increase in its capacity to convert external sources of ambient energy into coherent forces of extremely high levels of electrical power.

The IGV technology shatters the common presumption that gravity and inertia are immutable; instead, it tends to confirm super symmetric (SUSY) theories of mass and space.

This is the basis of the levity discs that John Searl built and demonstrated successfully during the 1960s and 1970s.

Note, this artist's structural rending's of the IGV is accurate except for the raised dome with portal windows, that is never employed in John searl's design nor is it recommended.

An audio visional pictorial video illustrating the structure of the IGV.(Courtesy of Sa1Productions).


Inverse Gravity Vehicle technical drafts (now declassified!)

S.W.A.L.L.O.W. Command updates declassified and released these structural drafts of past records, revealing for the first time some technical details of the IGV.

Referenced from the Investing webpage - Swallow Command updates - Eq.part3


The IGV technology does in fact encompass today's body of knowledge, expands upon it with new innovative designs that results in clean energy and transportation systems. We must prepare to take such risks into the future to gain such rewards and thus free our selves from the confines of earth's atmosphere.

 Click here or image to view the 25MB inspirational animated video.


IGV Technology will enable interplanetary exploration and beyond our solar system without the fuel dangers and limitations of rocketry.

This rendering of a commercial space venture depicts a trip to Mars in less than two months.

Note: For the commercialization and development of the Inverse Gravity Vehicle technology, the SEG Magnetics, Inc. a Nevada Corporation, is open to contracts and license agreements with any major aerospace firm such as those listed below:

1. National Aeronautics and Space Administration
2. The Boeing Company

3. Lockheed Martin Corporation

4. Northrop Grumman Corporation

5. General Dynamics Space

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